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Research Technician 2010-2012; currently Stewardship Program Coordinator, Sourland Conservancy
Area of Study/Expertise
Sourland Niche

Carolyn Klaube

Research Technicians

Carolyn first started working with the Claus Holzapfel in the spring of 2010 at Liberty State Park.  She joined the Holzapfel lab in September 2010 and worked on the “desert flame” project in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts through August 2012.  During her time with the Holzapfel lab, Carolyn traveled back and forth across the United States counting teeny tiny plants in the hot desert sun and absolutely loved it!  Carolyn then earned her Masters degree in Biology while studying the microbial and floral communities across a riparian gradient in southern New Jersey.  She also worked for the College of New Jersey as a research technician studying the effects of the co-invasion of Japanese stiltgrass and garlic mustard on forest communities.  Carolyn is now the Stewardship Program Coordinator for the Sourland Conservancy and is currently developing a stream monitoring program for the Sourland mountain region and is working on multiple restoration projects within the Sourlands.