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Priti S. Dhabekar

Masters student (2009)

Master thesis “Investigations of root interactions of smooth brome (Bromus inermis) in response to different nutrient regimes”

Hetal Patel

Masters student (2009)

M.Sc. thesis “Root cooperation in strawberries: the role of  chemical signals”

Ting Min Wu

Masters student (2012)

M.Sc. thesis “Genetic clonal identity and competitive strength of relic populations of a native salt marsh grass”.

Charles Hofer

Masters student (2009)

M.Sc. thesis “Trophic transfer of heavy metals at a brownfield site: the effects of heavy metals on nest success of resident avifauna”

Vincent Koczurik

Masters student (2007)

M.Sc. thesis “Induced defense in Lythrum salicaria: the effects of managed herbivory on performance of an invasive species.”

John Bernstein

Masters student (2007)

M.Sc. thesis “Before allelopathy: exploring the possible primitive role of Centaurea nigra root exudate on nutrient acquisition.”

Jane Zagajeski

Masters student (2006), currently Science Teacher at DCI - District of Columbia International School, Silver Spring, Maryland ( before: Science Teacher at Morristown Beard School)

M.Sc. thesis “Self-shading and physiological integration in Phragmites australis: factors leading to Division of Labor”

Xiang Lin

Ph.D. candidate, Teaching Assistant

Xiang is interested in ecological succession of plant communities under different environmental stresses, especially soil contamination. He uses GIS technology to trace plant transitions over time and build models to