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Ph.D. candidate (2010-2016); currently Researcher 5, University of Minnesota
Area of Study/Expertise
Plant invasion biology, Population genetics/genomics, Computational biology

Dr. Anthony Brusa


Anthony received his PhD in 2016 for work on population genetics of high impact invasive plant species. His work takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining traditional ecology with modern molecular and computational techniques.

He is currently a postdoc at the University of Minnesota, where he leads a team developing and verifying genetic markers for detection of the high impact agricultural weed Amaranthus palmeri.


  • Population structure of Ailanthus altissima: the role of land-use history and management, Brusa, A. and C. Holzapfel, 2018

    Torrey Botanical Society
  • Increasing the precision of canopy closure estimates from hemispherical photography: blue channel analysis and underexposure, Brusa, A. and D. Bunker, 2014

    Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
  • Present-day testing of a paleoecological pattern: Is there really a latitudinal difference in leaf-feeding insect-damage diversity?, Adams, J. A., A. Brusa, A. Soyeong, A. Ainuddin, 2010

    Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
  • Floral visitation of the invasive stinking ash in western suburban Chicago, Aldrich, P., A. Brusa, C. Heinz, G. Greer, and C. Huebner, 2008

    Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science

Awards & Distinctions