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Lab dog (unofficial therapy dog)
Area of Study/Expertise
Frisbee fetching, squirrel/chipmunk chasing, enthusiastic barking
Office Location
Boyden Hall, Room 435
Phone Number



As the official Holzapfel lab dog my duties are pretty straightforward. I must greet everyone who visits the lab, get humans off their chairs and away from their computers to play with me, nudge the humans or jump up in their laps when not paying me enough attention, or simply lay under their desks to remind them I am right there. As an Australian Cattle Dog (aka blue heeler) it is within my nature to herd so managing this lab is all in a days work. When not attending to my duties in the lab I accompany my humans to the field to “help” them out with their research.


  • How to teach an old dog new tricks
  • Herding 101
  • Interpreting dog dreams