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There is immense potential for transformative changes in the health and biomedical research community through the adoption of new technologies such as IoT devices, cyber-physical systems, mobile and Edge/Cloudcomputing, Social Networks, and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. Together, the use of these technologies and platforms can help us to realize the dream of personalized health and preventive services. However, the burgeoning data-intensive, hyper-connected system of interacting systems that store, manage, exchange, combine, and utilize sensitive data can be vulnerable to malicious use. Altogether, the use of computing technologies, while transformational, brings a plethora of security, privacy, trust, and ethical challenges that are unique to health and biomedical research.

This workshop will bring together the leading researchers and stakeholders from the computing and information as well as the health and biomedical research fields to establish the vision and create a roadmap for security, privacy, and ethics in the intersection of computing health/bio-medical research. Specifically, the workshop will consider, in a wide range of situational settings (e.g., pandemics) issues such as privacy, security, and ethics with respect to data from wearable devices, electronic health records, genomics, Internet of Things, and assistive technologies.

The workshop will include keynotes, parallel breakout groups, interactive one-one meetings, and poster sessions. More details will be provided soon.

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IEEE Special Issue on Intelligent Systems in Health







Jaideep Vaidya
Rutgers Institute for Data Science, Learning, and Applications
Steven Steinhubl
Scripps Research Translational Institute