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Welcome to the Jacinto Lab at Rutgers!

Our laboratory aims to understand how cellular signals are wired to control growth and metabolism. We focus on the cell signaling pathways that respond to nutrients and growth signals. We investigate how stress conditions  antagonize these pathways leading to pathological conditions.  Our studies have direct implications for understanding and developing therapy for cancer, diabetes, immune-related diseases and aging. We combine  mammalian cells and mouse models for our studies.

Latest News!

Jan 2024: Paper published: Ragupathi et el, Biochem. J., 2024

Dec. 2023: Welcome our new Ph.D. rotation students, Kimberly Izarraras and Megan Schupp and new MS students, Mian Zain, Wonbi Song and Hrishi Pal !


Nov. 2023: Book chapter out: Patel and Jacinto, in RNA based mechanisms in cancer


Sep. 6, 2023: Welcome our new Ph.D rotation student, Lingyi Zhu!

Jul 19, 2023:  Congratulations to Tatiana for passing her Ph.D. qualifying exam and receiving the Rutgers IMSD fellowship!


Apr. 18, 2023: Paper published: Paneque et al, Genes 2023

Dec. 1, 2022: Paper published: Werlen et al, Nature Comm. 2022





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