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Fall 2021 is my first semester in the Rutgers Business School.  I will be teaching business data management and web applications of database systems.

2021 Fall Semester

Whether your company is small or large, you can benefit from a database system.  Even our cell phones use a modern database system, SQLite, to organize our personal data including our phone contacts.  While database systems are often designed to share data across many stakeholders, an individual can benefit from building a database to manage and analyze a business.  The database system enforces consistency as it records the transactions of the business.  It supports combining data from multiple business functions to discover new insights.  This semester my classes will explore the myriad ways data can be acquired, stored, managed, analyzed and made available to foster business success.

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The Data in Data Science

Data science starts with the data, and there are several steps to preparing data for exploration, hypothesis formation, analysis and visualization.  First, data must be acquired.  It may be available in your company’s databases, or you may need to find it in public or private data sources.  Once obtained,  the data is managed in a … Read More

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