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Rutgers MC² Lab

The Memory & Computational Cognition (MC²) Lab, directed by Dr. Kimele Persaud, is based in the Psychology Department of Rutgers University – Newark. Broadly, our research lies at the intersection of episodic memory, learning, and cognition. We use a combination of behavioral, computational, and developmental approaches to explore the processes that unfold at this intersection and how they contribute to working and long-term memory performance.

Memory is one of the most foundational domains of cognition. Memory underlies everything that we do from how we perceive information in the environment, how we reason and learn, how we communicate, how we make judgments and decisions, and in general how we traverse the world in which we live. Given the importance of memory to so many facets of our everyday cognition, the overarching goal of the MC² Lab is to understand the cognitive mechanisms and processes that underlie how we encode, store, and retrieve information from memory and how these processes changes across development, culture, and expertise.