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Would you like your child to participate in our Children’s Storybook Study? The study takes 30 minutes and is completed over zoom. We are interested in how 5-to-8 year olds remember the details from storybooks with either expected or unexpected endings. Children will play 3 memory games with a researcher over Zoom—a counting game, a picture game, and a storybook game. In the counting game, children will hear and recite a series of numbers (e.g., 123). In the picture game, children will see and label pictures of a sun and moon as either “night” or “day”. Finally, in the storybook game, children will view 6 picture ebook stories about different cartoon characters with different endings.  Then they will answer some questions about each story. Compensation for this study is $5.

Eligibility: Children ages 5 to 8 years who live in the U.S. and speak English.

To participate please fill sign up here or email MC2STORYBOOKSTUDY@GMAIL.COM

If at this time you are not able or eligible to participate but would like to be contacted in the future about ongoing studies please fill out our interest form.


If you are 18 years of age or older and are interested in participating in a series of fun and exciting laboratory studies, please fill out the contact form on the right and one of our researchers will reach out to you.