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Undergraduate Research Assistant
Area of Study/Expertise
Major in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience

Ela Aydin

Research Assistant

I’m a person with a diverse range of interests and a love for life’s little pleasures. I have always had an interest with the human brain. I’m fascinated by the complex mechanisms that drive our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Exploring the enigma of the mind is not just an academic pursuit; it’s a genuine passion. I’m also an avid music lover, I listen to mostly rock, I get it from my father who would always play it growing up. At home, my cat Kiraz, turkish for cherry, is a constant source of joy for me. She always knows how to bring my mood back up no matter what. I look forward to the chapters yet to come, guided by the melodies of my passions.

Superpower: Astrally Angelic