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Video Demos (before the summer)

Students who wish to be considered for Jazz Honors Band are asked to submit a new video demo as part of the application process (see “Creating a Video Demo Recording” below). Otherwise, video submissions are not required to apply.

Live Placement Auditions (first day of camp)

Live auditions on the first day of camp allow instructors to further evaluate theory and sight-reading proficiency to better determine ensemble placements for the week. Though they are not required, all students are encouraged to complete a live placement audition on Sunday, the results of which help influence top ranking considerations for all ensembles.

Regardless of having completed an audition or not, all camp students will be placed into ensembles for the week.

What to Expect at Live Placement Auditions

An audition room for each type of instrument will be available, containing one or two instructors in each, i.e. a room for Trumpets, another room for Drums, etc. Students should plan to perform unaccompanied or may possibly be accompanied by an instructor in some cases. Most auditions typically span 10-15 minutes in length, and instructors will generally evaluate students on their reading and improvisation skills to assess their overall playing ability. This may include:

  • Sight-reading a part of an arrangement or leadsheet
  • Improvisation over Blues Changes or a standard tune
  • Demonstration of basic scales and theory
  • Assessing a solo performance a student may have prepared of their choice

Students do not need to have experience in all items listed above but simply perform what they are most comfortable demonstrating.

Creating a Video Demo Recording (optional)
  • A video demo should feature the applicant performing a single jazz standard selection along with a backing track or live accompaniment.
  • Tune suggestions include, but are not limited to, “Blue Bossa,” “Doxy,” “Little Sunflower,” and “Take The A Train.”
  • The student should ideally perform the tune head followed by one or two choruses of improvisation.
  • When ready, upload your video file to Box

Please note: video demos assist in identifying potential candidates for the Honors Band and do not serve as a substitute for live placement auditions offered on the first day of camp.

Please also refer to our FAQ section