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February 2020:  Beginning support for Ben Diaz, a microbiology graduate student with Dr. Kay Bidle (Rutgers DMCS).  Ben will be investigating the effects of marine phytoplankton detritus on cloud forming properties of the associated aerosol along with collaborators from NASA, University of Texas, and Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  The nutrient lab will help quantify the total organic carbon (TOC) in their samples.

November 20, 2019:  The Nutrient Lab begins analyzing water samples in support of a Rutgers Ecology & Evolution project.  PhD candidate Kate Douthat is researching the drivers of plant community composition, and plant-water quality relationships, in stormwater detention basins in New Jersey.

Ongoing:  The Nutrient Laboratory is testing for some nutrient analytes in samples obtained from the Southeastern Indian Ocean as part of an NSF funded project entitled, “Testing fidelity of Nd isotopes as a paleocirculation tracer in the Southeast Indian-Southern Ocean”.  Lead researchers include Dr. Elisabeth Sikes (Rutgers University DMCS), Dr. Hilairy Hartnett (Arizona State University), and Dr. Chandranath Basak (University of Delaware).

Past 20 Years:  The Nutrient Laboratory has served the National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRs) continues to provide monthly data analyses on water samples taken from the southern coasts of New Jersey.