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Research Student / Assistant / Predoc / Postdoc
Area of Study/Expertise
Artificial Intelligence, Genomics, Metabolomics, and Healthcare

Lab Members

Sreya Vadapalli, BS/B.Tech.
Research Assistant.

Habiba Abdelhalim, BS.
Research Student.

Rihi Jain
Research Student

Dinesh Mendhe, MS.
Scientific Programmer Analyst II.


Eduard Gibert Renart, PhD. Postdoctoral Researcher, 2020/21.
Project, “Scientific solutions development for WGS and RNA-seq driven data processing and visualization”.

Nicholas Persaud, AB, MD Student- M2, 2021.
Project, “Investigating functional and nonfunctional mutations in known human genes in high-risk CVD-population”.

Riaad Persaud, BS, MD Student- M2, 2021.
Project, “Investigating Metabolomics for Identifying Potential Biomarkers of Inflammatory Bowel Disease”.

Samay Nandwana, Research Student, 2021.
Project, “Integrating clinical-diagnosis and genetics codes for Precision Medicine”.

Deepshikha Mishra, PhD. Postdoctoral Researcher, 2021.
Project, “Investigating applications of AI/ML in genomics for precision medicine”.

Jinhong Dong, MD/PhD Candidate- M2, 2020.
Project, “Investigating genetic and diagnostic clinical data of patients suffering with any cardiovascular diseases”.

Ruoyun Xiong, PhD student, 2018/19.
Project, “Analyzing genes-disease complexes and their clinical relationships for Precision Medicine”.

Affrin Ahmed, PhD student, 2019.
Project, “Structural Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis, security and de-identification of PHI for Precision Medicine”.

Justin Thomas Pranulis, MS; Research student, 2018.
Project, “Applying MSB at PacBio Sequenced Microbiome-Amplicon Data Embedding Variable Oligonucleotide Combinations”.

Khalid Mohamed, MS; Research student, 2018/19.
Project, “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Data Analytics and Precision Medicine”.

Samuel Asamoah, BS; Research student, 2019.
Project, “Smart mobile systems development for monitoring and helping patients suffering with critical diseases”.

Khushbu Patel, BS; Research student and assistant, 2018/19.
Project, “Exploring Commercial and Academic Healthcare Systems To Facilitate Practice Transformation”.