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Mission & Vision

To improve the quality and transition of healthcare, robust data management platforms are necessary to analyze heterogeneous genomics and clinical data of high volume, velocity, variety and veracity. Healthcare data includes information about patient life style, medical history, visits to the practice, lab and imaging test, diagnoses, medications, surgical procedures, consulted providers, claims and genomics profile. Adequate and analytic access to the healthcare and genomics data has potential to revolutionize the field of medicine by developing better understanding of biological mechanisms and modelling complex biological interactions by integrating and analyzing knowledge in a holistic manner. To effectively meet the goals of implementing system for precision medicine, significant efforts are required from the experts in various disciplines (e.g. clinics, bench/wet labs, core/genome technologies, bioinformatics etc.), located within one or multiple organizational units. One of the major challenges is to establish an efficient and secure workflow that can connect all units to streamline transparent data flow, interoperability, cleansing, structuring, standardization, controlled accessibility, processing, quality inspection, processing, analysis, visualization, reporting and sharing.

This precision medicine project is by Ahmed Lab