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RNA-seq driven expression analysis to investigate Cardiovascular disease genes with associated phenotypes among Atrial Fibrillation patients

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) disease is defined as high-frequency excitation of the atrium, resulting in both dyssynchronous atrial contraction and irregularity of ventricular excitation. AF, includes risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. It is exasperated in older male individual of European Ancestry. Previous studies have shown that both heart failure (HF) and … Read More

Dr. Ahmed speaking in the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Madison, Wisconsin. 10-14 July, 2022.

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed is presenting, “Integrated gene expression and variant analysis to investigate CVD genes with associated phenotypes among high-risk Heart Failure patients”, in the Function COSI, at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB-2022), Madison, Wisconsin. Ahmed lab / we are also presenting following abstracts and posters at the ISMB: MLCSB, Function and, TransMed. … Read More

Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Clinical-Genomics, and Pharmacogenomics Approaches in Precision Medicine.

Precision medicine has greatly aided in improving health outcomes using earlier diagnosis and better prognosis for chronic diseases. It makes use of clinical data associated with the patient as well as their multi-omics/genomic data to reach a conclusion regarding how a physician should proceed with a specific treatment. Compared to the symptom-driven approach in medicine, … Read More