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RNA-seq driven expression and enrichment analysis to investigate CVD genes with associated phenotypes among high-risk Heart Failure patients.

Heart failure (HF) is one of the most common complications of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and among the leading causes of death in the US. Many other CVDs can lead to increased mortality as well. Investigating the genetic epidemiology and susceptibility to CVDs is a central focus of cardiology and biomedical life sciences. Several studies have … Read More

Course: Practicing Precision Medicine with Data Analysis at Byrne Seminars, Rutgers–New Brunswick

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed is participating in the Byrne Seminars, and teaching a course, Practicing Precision Medicine with Data Analysis, at the Rutgers–New Brunswick, NJ. Precision medicine aims to empower clinicians to predict the most appropriate course of action for patients with complex diseases, and improve routine medical and public health practice. However, practicing precision medicine … Read More

Intelligent health system for investigation and consenting COVID-19 patients and precision medicine

Advancing frontiers of clinical research, we discuss the need of the intelligent health systems to support deeper investigation of COVID-19. We hypothesize that convergence of the healthcare data and staggering developments in artificial intelligence have potential to elevate recovery process with diagnostic and predictive analysis to identify major causes of mortality, modifiable risk factors and … Read More