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Course: Practicing Precision Medicine with Data Analysis at Byrne Seminars, Rutgers–New Brunswick

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed is participating in the Byrne Seminars, and teaching a course, Practicing Precision Medicine with Data Analysis, at the Rutgers–New Brunswick, NJ.

Precision medicine aims to empower clinicians to predict the most appropriate course of action for patients with complex diseases, and improve routine medical and public health practice. However, practicing precision medicine is not straightforward, as significant efforts are required from the experts in multidisciplinary sciences. In this seminar, we will focus on discussing three important areas that heavily contribute to the development of precision medicine initiatives, 1) understanding complexities of Electronic Healthcare Records; 2) bioinformatics applications for genomics data analysis; and 3) intelligent and integrative data analysis with machine learning algorithms. Active participation will help students in learning about operational and academic medical systems, intelligently linking curated clinical data with computationally processed genomic data to identify functional variants among expressed genes, and investigating genotype and phenotype associations. This seminar will be grouped with theoretical discussions, basic and life science concepts, and computational skills. Case-studies will include reported, peer reviewed findings related to COVID-19 and Cardiovascular diseases.

Lecture# 1. Practicing Precision Medicine with Data Analysis. 01/21/2022.

Further detail are available at course URL.