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Leah Price

Director of RIB and Henry Rutgers Distinguished Professor of English

Leah Price is the founder and director of the Rutgers Initiative for the Book. She teach the novel, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British and occasionally French culture, and book history. Her

Javiera Barrientos

Javiera Barrientos is a book historian and book binder interested in the intersections between material cultures, literary genres and gender, particularly but not restricted to the Global Early Modern period.

David Tate


David Tate is the coordinator and printer’s devil for the Rutgers Initiative for the Book and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Literatures in English. He works on twentieth-century and

Mitchell Edwards

Mitchell Edwards is a PhD student interested in the history of books and reading—especially of the print and political cultures of the twentieth-century United States—and the influence of surveillance and

Alastair Bellany

Professor of History

Research Interests: My research focuses primarily on the political culture of early modern England, in particular the histories of media, popular politics and the image of the early Stuart court.

Marija Dalbello

Professor of Library and Information Science

Marija Dalbello’s teaching and publications focus on the history of knowledge and history of the book applied to liminal phenomena and visuality. She has published on digital mediation, visual epistemology

Thomas Fulton

Professor of English

Professor Fulton writes about the cultural intersections of politics and religion, about problems in rhetoric and generic form, and on the history of reading and media history. His work on Erasmus,

Andrew Goldstone

Associate Professor of English

Andrew Goldstone specializes in twentieth-century literature in English. His research and teaching interests span modernist and non-modernist writing of the last century, literary theory, the sociology of literature, and the

Meredith L. McGill

Professor of English

Meredith L McGill is a Professor of English. She is the author of American Literature and the Culture of Reprinting, 1837-1853 (2003) a study of nineteenth-century American resistance to tight control

Lorraine Pirroux

Associate Professor of French

Lorraine Piroux teaches Ancien Régime French literature and culture. Her research focuses on the material culture of literature, including Enlightenment print culture, authorship studies, and 18th-century aesthetics. Her book Moins