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Resume Building & LinkedIn Workshop, September 29, 2020

We want to give a big thank you to Sarah Robbie and Carlos Flores for their expertise on resume building and recruitment through linkedIn! We appreciate anyone who took time out of their day to join us for this event, and hope to bring more career development workshops in the future.


Halloween Game Night, October 30th 2020

RU LERA featured a stress relieving, virtual game night, where members played various games, like Among Us, Cards Against Humanity, as well as a Halloween Trivia Kahoot, for the chance to win rewards and gift cards!







Workplace Confidence (Fashion) & Conflict, November 9th 2021

Thank you all who attended our Workplace Confidence (Fashion) & Conflict event, as well as our special guest speaker, Len Garrison, for a successful event! We hope you gained valuable insight and knowledge on how to increase your confidence, dressing for success, and addressing issues that occur, in the workplace.





Interview Skills & Pay Negotiation, February 15 2021

We want to thank Professor Jeffery Kaplowitz, a highly intellectual guest speaker for his amazing insight and experience in the Human Resources workplace. We hoped you gained valuable insight on the interviewing process, proper etiquettes as an interviewee, and negotiation skills in the workplace.







Honeywell Mock Interviews, Febuary 24th 2021

We offered the chance to conduct a mock interview with a HR recruiter from Honeywell, and receive realtime advice and practice your interviewing skills with a HR professional. We hoped those that pre-registered enjoyed their experiences, and chance to connect with our alumni.








Alumni Panel, April 22 2021

It was a pleasure to meet with our esteemed and successful Alumni Panel, see familiar faces from previous members, and make new connections with previous alumni from the SMLR school. We appreciate everyone who came out to our event, as well as our panelist group for conducting a successful Alumni Panel virtually.