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What Is RU LERA?

The Rutgers University Labor and Employment Relations Association (RU LERA) is a professional non-profit organizational chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association. Since its founding as the Industrial Relations Research Association in 1947, National LERA has provided a unique forum where the views of representatives of labor, management, government, academics, advocates and neutrals are welcome. LERA features over 3,000 members spread across 50+ chapters, and RU LERA remains the only student-run chapter. Since its founding in the fall of 2014, RU LERA has helped equip students with the knowledge, perspective and networking skills to make an impact in various segments of labor and employment relations.

RU LERA Mission Statement

We are RU LERA, a group of students focused on the development of labor practices through education and establishing networking opportunities for our members and working professionals.

We aim to provide workshops and events that promote the engagement of labor topics, research, legal matters and exchanges regarding people and the workplace.

RU LERA is led by students for the enrichment of students.