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Once you have uploaded the article Citations for your systematic review (section 3: Uploading Article Citations) and built out your extraction template (sections 5 through 5.6), you are ready to begin assigning extractions.

Before you or your data extractors can begin to actually enter the information from the different studies, you’ll first need to make Extraction assignment (that is, assign particular articles to particular data extractors).

First, navigate to the Extractions page under the Project option at the top of the screen.

The first time you do this, you will not see any article assignments listed. So, you’ll need create an Extraction assignment.

When you click on the Create Extraction button, a new window will open.

Note that you can assign multiple articles to the same data extractor. If you have only a few citations, just click one at a time to enter them into the Select Citation field. If you have many, rather than scrolling you will find it easier to just begin typing the first author’s name, when you do this SRDR+ will search your citation list and pull up that citation.

Once you’ve made all your extraction assignments, you will see the list of citations, who they are assigned to and the progress that the data extractors have made on that extraction. Note that this is a sortable list. Just click beside the column header to sort on that field.

Begin an extraction simply by clicking the Work link!

Note, that different team members will see only those citations assigned to them. If you are a project leader, you will see all extractions.