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Introducing… Speaking of STEM!

Welcome to Speaking of STEM! We hope to accomplish many things with this blog but first and foremost we want to bring our resources and knowledge from our library to support students and faculty at Rutgers in their search for information, in their management of data, in their scholarly writing processes, and numerous other tasks and projects common to the experience of STEM students and researchers. We are partners in the pursuit of knowledge and are here to discuss issues, educate, and provide resources to support future and present scientists in their research and related endeavors.

Information in particular can be a tricky beast to navigate in this modern world of fake news, social media, and predatory publishing. Through this blog we will tackle common concerns and issues that often arise when conducting STEM research on the internet, building and expanding on concepts and practices taught in our instruction classes. Knowing that there are quick and easy steps you can take to evaluating information you come across in-person or online, to ensure you aren’t just effective researchers but also responsible arbiters of science.