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Welcome to Speaking of STEM! We are a blog dedicated to advancing critical thinking about STEM topics by engaging the Rutgers community in discussions on timely issues. Speaking of STEM covers a variety of topics such as thinking critically about information (information literacy), science communication, scholarly communication and research, and data management. We discuss current issues affecting academia and the public, including open science, diversity and inclusion, and anti-science rhetoric. Examples of posts you might find here are “Debunk Your Own Coronavirus Myths”, “How to Spot Climate Change Fake News”, “Finding and Evaluating Scholarly Resources”, and “Ethics in Science Communication”.  The blog is maintained  by librarians at the Library of Science and Medicine at Rutgers- New Brunswick, with guest writers including graduate students and faculty. We hope to provide resources to help students navigate their STEM education here at Rutgers.


We want you to share information, ideas, and opinions in our comments, but we reserve the right to remove posts containing profanity, personal attacks, commercial promotions, political campaign materials, irrelevant material, or posts otherwise deemed to be inappropriate. The comments posted by readers of this blog reflect the opinions of the individual posters and do not reflect the views of Rutgers University Libraries or Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.