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Annular Solar Eclipse October 14th

The moon will pass in front of the sun on October 14th to create an annular solar eclipse, when the sun will appear as a ring around it. The path of the eclipse will take it from the pacific northwest through the southwestern part of the US before moving onto Central and South America. The annular eclipse will begin in Oregon around 8:06 am PDT, and will last until 10:39 am PDT. In New Jersey, we will see about 25% coverage of the sun, with maximum coverage at about 12:18 pm EDT.

You can watch a live broadcast of the eclipse at

NASA also has solar eclipse themed art created especially for this year’s event. Check it out at

As always, it is never safe to look directly at the sun during an eclipse, not even through a camera lens or telescope. You must use special solar eclipse glasses. Read more about solar eclipse safety here:  There is information on using an indirect viewing method to look at the eclipse without damaging your eyes. Safety first!