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How Do We Talk About Climate Change?

Now that the holidays are upon us, many of us are probably talking with our family and friends more (albeit virtually). Often, that means more conversations about current issues and important topics. Climate change is an important topic to discuss with family and friends, but it can be rife with challenges, like many current science … Read More

Give the Gift of Science!

Science has always had a lot on its plate, but this year the scientific community is working extra hard to help us understand and solve the many questions and crises we are facing in health, environment, and even the universe! As we go into the holiday season, one way we can give back to the … Read More

Quick Guide to Navigating COVID-19 Information

Navigating the information landscape of the pandemic has been uniquely challenging for everyone. No matter your expertise or background, at some point, we have all struggled to process, access, or communicate all of the rapidly evolving research and information that has been circulating these past few months. Which is why it is more important than … Read More

Introducing… Speaking of STEM!

Welcome to Speaking of STEM! We hope to accomplish many things with this blog but first and foremost we want to bring our resources and knowledge from our library to support students and faculty at Rutgers in their search for information, in their management of data, in their scholarly writing processes, and numerous other tasks … Read More