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Summer 2024 Information


  • *This year’s Provost’s Teaching Fellows will participate in TEN’s Course Transformation Summer Institute.*
  • *All TEN Summer Institute participants will be part of the 2024 Provost’s Teaching Fellows Program.*

Dates: Wednesday, July 10th – Friday, August 2 (synchronous virtual meetings Tuesdays through Fridays)

Objectives: Faculty who participate in the course transformation institute will:

  • Identify positive outcomes of student-centered course design
  • Identifying impacts of epistemology, cognition, and affect on student participation and performance 
  • Incorporate elements of epistemology, cognition and affect into the design of course products 
  • Articulate the ways in which course design can mitigate academic integrity violations 
  • Develop a working knowledge of a variety of pedagogies and be able to utilize in the design of their courses
  • Create measurable learning objectives for a lesson plan or course 
  • Design lesson plan that aligns activities and assessments to learning objectives 
  • Apply best practices in inclusive classroom practices and universal design for learning

Participation: Faculty participating in the summer institute commit to approximately (4) hours per day.  Each day is divided into 3 parts

1) Asynchronous – participants will read journal articles and engage with online modules designed to introduce concepts of pedagogy and course design.  These modules and readings are open for participants to do on their own time (1.5 hours)

2) Synchronous – Each day there will be a synchronous session with participants and institute organizers designed to help participants apply the knowledge they learned in the asynchronous modules to their classes (1.5 hours)

3) Teaching Portfolio – As part of the institute participants will produce elements of a teaching portfolio and submit them for review.  These products are produced on the participant’s own schedule and submitted by the deadlines posted.  The teaching portfolio includes

  • A revised teaching philosophy statement
  • A course transformation plan you can use during the academic year to implement your course transformation
  • Sample Lesson Plans
  • Sample Assessments
  • Develop a plan to evaluate your course transformation during the 2024-2025 academic year

Benefits: Participation in the summer institute carriers the following benefits

  • Financial compensation to focus on your teaching ($3,500 stipend and $2,000 in research/professional development funds)
  • Receive a letter from the Office of the Provost to put in your tenure and promotion package
  • Receive feedback on course materials developed during the institute
  • Continued support through the semester as you work to implement your course transformation

View Informational Flyer (link removed)

Applications were due by Friday, April 19, 2024.