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Alcohol Studies Summers of the Past

Gail Milgram, Ed. D., the former Director of Education and Training at CAS, had kindly donated some of her collection of photographs from past summer schools held at CAS. The two large boxes of photographs represent a treasure trove of resources from the first summer school at Yale to the present events at Rutgers.

The CAS Information Services Newsletter featured reproductions of some of those photographs from summers gone by. Reproductions, literally, as these are large photos, many of them damaged.

Pictured is the historic group photo taken in 1943. In addition to the students, one can spot E. M. Jellinek in the middle in the bottom among the instructors.

The other example, a Summer School photo from 1977 is actually three photos pieced together, since the prints were unusually long and could not be scanned at once. The seams run through the fourth man on the left in all blue and the second man on the right in the sandals with socks. Creative adjusting, cropping and resizing make them look like they were scanned together, though.

–Originally published in the October 2012 issue of the CAS Information Services Newsletter

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