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Only at Rutgers: Unique Resources Related to E.M. Jellinek

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Highlighting Jellinek’s work at the 2014th SALIS conference

E. M. Jellinek has been described as “the Renaissance Man who brought alcohol studies out of the Dark Ages” by Dr. Thomas Babor, Editor-in-Chief of JSAD (2015-2023), recipient of the Jellinek Memorial Award in 2005. We also consider him the scholar who was instrumental in laying the foundation of the Center of Alcohol Studies Library by starting to collect, index, and abstract alcohol literature. As such, he was an inspiration not only for establishing more addiction libraries but for the Digital Alcohol Studies Archives. My personal obsession is backed up by our common language, Hungarian, so I embrace anything Jellinek, in any language and format, from any perspective.

Regardless of the controversies around Jellinek’s scattered past and his scholarship in alcohol studies, unique resources in the Digital Alcohol Studies Archives will help researchers continue their scholarly or lay discussions related to the mysterious E. M. Jellinek. The short slideshow below is only an illustration of the vast amount of treasures in our archival collections.

Click the image to start the video. Scroll down to see links to the resources mentioned in the video.


From the Digital Alcohol Studies Archives