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PhD Candidate
Area of Study/Expertise
Health Communication

William Bejarano

William Bejarano, MLIS, MLER, was the Senior Information Specialist at the Information Services Division of Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies from 2013 to 2016. His responsibilities included research, documentation, and dissemination of alcohol literature. A key member in processing and creating the Archives of the Central of Alcohol Studies, he has developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the history of alcohol studies, and co-authored several articles on a variety of topics.

He was also instrumental in the Reading for Recovery, a project funded by the American Library Association to advance the therapeutic use of reading among people grappling with addiction. He is currently a PhD Candidate at the School of Communication and Information.


Awards & Distinctions

  • Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies (CAS) Recognition Award (Rutgers University, 2022)
  • Inaugural NJLA Student Award (2015)