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A Memorable Afternoon with Dr. Harold Kalant

When the Medical Library Association held its annual conference in Canada in 2016 at the impressive Metro Toronto Convention Center, there was something else on the agenda in addition to a poster that William Bejarano and Judit Ward presented. We also had an interview scheduled with the renowned Dr. Harold Kalant, the president of the … Read More

Jellinek on the Big Book

Since its first edition in 1939, the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous known as the “Big Book” has helped millions of men and women recover from alcoholism. It happened to be published in the exact same year E. M. Jellinek and crew would begin their literature review in earnest. Jellinek’s first reflections were published in … Read More

A First Edition of the AA “Big Book”

In the summer of 2013, we at the Center of Alcohol Studies Library took it upon ourselves to transform the conference room into an historical exhibit, displaying affiliated publications, classic photos, CAS-specific artifacts, and a complete run of our scholarly journal. While rummaging through the then-recently unlocked bookshelves seeking items to display, we came across … Read More

Jellineks’ World

Our Research In the spring of 2014, the Center of Alcohol Studies Library hosted the 36th annual conference of the Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists (SALIS). On the final day of the conference*, current and former members of the CAS Library, along with our long-time collaborator, alcohol historian Ron Roizen, presented on a panel … Read More

The Lay Supplements from the Yale CAS

In addition to publishing his scholarly articles in the first Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Jellinek’s ability to relate to broad audiences is demonstrated by launching a series of popular titles on alcohol-related topics entitled Lay Supplements.  Based on the information found in Lay Supplement No. 1, the original plan was to publish standalone … Read More

Conference Room Update

You may have noticed a new addition to the ever-evolving Conference Room (200), as two eye-catching Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs posters have been hung in the corner dedicated to the Center’s publication division. The posters were imagined and designed by Paul Candon and our colleague (and former professional graphic designer) Debbie Fanslow. … Read More

Sitting on a Gold Mine: Poster Presenting CAS Resources

On June 3rd, 2014, Judit, Bill, and Deborah Fanslow represented the CAS library at the NJLA Conference in Atlantic City. Our poster was entitled “Sitting on a Gold Mine: Becoming Indispensable to your Organization” and dealt with our recent focus on the library’s archival collection. We drummed up lots of interest in the many projects … Read More

Conference Globetrotting

From May 17th through May 20th, Judit Ward, Bill Bejarano, and Helen Castro traveled to Chicago to attend the Medical Library Association (MLA) conference, entitled MLA ’14: Building Our Information Future. While attending last year’s MLA conference in Boston, Helen and Judit noticed a rush of activity at the journal’s exhibition booth as well as … Read More