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A video (click here) for broad audience about my research area. Thanks to Rutgers Communications and Isaac Jimenez for it.

A blog post/interview about incorporating research into my teaching at Rutgers, thanks to p3collaboratory.

My photos (click here) of geometric and topological 3D models, printed by Nicholas Owad at OIST, designed by Nicholas Owad or Henry Segerman, some with the help of Seifertview. You are welcome to stop by my office to see them, and learn more about them.

In 2022, my family in northern Ukraine was in blockade, and then under Russian occupation. This fund (click here) was created when together with friends, we tried to make sure necessary medicine and food would arrive to our native region. At that time, many Ukrainian towns and villages in the north were inaccessible for large humanitarian organizations. Currently situation there changed for the better, so the fund now works with local volunteers on evacuation from other places where larger humanitarian organizations do not have access.