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For the full list of talks, please see my CV at the front page. For a video interview, see Miscellaneous page.

I am giving invited talks at JMM 2023 (in Boston) and FoCM 2023 (in Paris) in the near future. I will be at MFO Oberwolfach, Germany in January 2023, and at SMRI, Australia, and the University of Queensland in July-September 2023.

With John Loftin and Kyle Hayden, we are organizing Distinguished Lectures in Geometry and Topology at Rutgers-Newark starting in 2023, funded by NSF CAREER grant. More information coming soon.

With Eric Sedgwick and Mehdi Yazdi, we are organizing Computational Problems in Low-Dimensional Topology III workshop in April 2023 at Rutgers-Newark, funded by NSF CAREER grant. Workshop webpage.

With Joel Hass and Chaim Even-Zohar we are organizing BIRS workshop “Knot theory informed by random models and experimental data” at BIRS, Canada, in 2024.

Materials from some of the previous talks

Computational Aspects of Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups workshop, ICERM, 06/2021, “PSL(2,C)-representations of knot groups by knot diagrams” video
SODA computer science conference, 01/2021, “Unlinking, splitting, and some other NP-hard problems in knot theory” video
Institute for Advanced Study, Members seminar, 12/2020, “NP-hard problems naturally arising in knot theory” video
AMS meeting, Penn State University, 10/2020, “Tangle decompositions of alternating link complements” video (requires AMS login, minutes 24-42)
CUNY geometry and topology seminar, 4/2020, “The number of surfaces of fixed genus embedded in a 3-manifold” video
GEAR seminar at Rutgers University, Newark, 1/2017, “The number of surfaces of fixed genus in an alternating link complement” video
Redbud Triangulations conference, Oklahoma State University, 11/2016, “Isotopy classes of crossing arcs in alternating links” slides
The Thin Manifold conference, University of Iowa, 08/2014, “Intrinsic geometry and the invariant trace field of hyperbolic 3-manifolds” slides
Women Advancing Arizona Mathematics Colloquium, University of Arizona, 03/2014, “Hyperbolic links: diagrams, volume and the colored Jones polynomial”  slides
Low dimensional topology, knots, and orderable groups, Luminy-Marseille, France, 07/2013, “Exact volume of hyperbolic 2-bridge links” slides
GEAR Network Retreat, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 08/2012, “Hyperbolic structures from link diagrams”  video
Moab Topology Conference, Utah State University, 05/2012, “An alternative approach to hyperbolic structures on link complements”  slides