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  • Same-sex couples are allowed at all levels.
  • A dancer may dance within one level between corresponding American and International styles.
  • A competitor who has reached semi-finals in a dance at a past competition (which had quarter-finals) may not dance at a lower level in this competition.
  • Beginning at silver level, a couple may register together for up to two consecutive levels that they are eligible to compete in. Newcomers may register for Bronze events that are not offered at the newcomer level.

Dress code and syllabus

  • No costumes are allowed for Newcomer dancers only. Costumes are allowed for Bronze dancers and up.
    Non-costume alternatives may include muscle shirts, latin pants, evening and cocktail dresses.
  • Heel protectors are mandatory, on both the competition floor and the practice floor.
  • Continuity footwork is allowed in Silver and above only.
  • Closed syllabus is enforced from Newcomer through Gold.
  • Official regulations on dress code and syllabus can be found at USA Dance.