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The Bioethics Society of Rutgers University and The Rutgers Journal of Bioethics conduct their annual recruitment for e-board positions each year toward the end of the spring semester, typically during March and April. While all students are welcome to participate in the Society’s meetings and to submit their original works for inclusion in the Journal, those interested in joining the staff of either group should express their interest via email in order to schedule an interview with current e-board members. The interviews are intended to gauge the applicant’s interest in bioethics, ability to commit to organizational responsibilities, and, in the case of the Journal, to determine what past experiences will help the applicant contribute toward the publication process.

Bioethics Society of Rutgers University

The following positions are available—note that the president and vice president are elected internally. Email to schedule an interview.

  • Treasurer
  • Programming Chair
  • Events Chair
  • Publicity Chair

The Rutgers Journal of Bioethics

Currently there are no open positions available for 2020-2021.