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Study Information | 研究信息

Detecting early memory loss and dementia (like Alzheimer’s disease) in older Chinese Americans can be difficult.  This is because doctors often don’t have the appropriate tools for the Chinese language or culture.  Most of the current pencil-and-paper tests for memory and thinking assume English to be your only language.  Even when translated, the understanding of your scores relies on how the brain processes alphabets and English words.

在华人中, 记忆丧失和阿尔茨海默病的早期发现通常并不容易.  这是因为医生没有合适的中文诊断测试.  目前的笔试大部分都是基于英语结构.  即使翻译后, 理解记忆和语言回忆的方法取决于大脑如何处理字母和英语单词.

We are bilingual clinicians and neuroscientists developing new tools to assess memory and thinking in Mandarin speakers to account for linguistic, cultural, and learning differences from English-only speakers. We are looking for study volunteers in the New Jersey/New York City (Rutgers) and the San Francisco Bay (Stanford) areas who:

  • Are 60 years of age or older
  • Speak Mandarin
  • See and hear well enough to complete some surveys and short pencil-and-paper testing
  • Can have an MRI scan of your brain
  • Are willing to donate a few vials of blood

我们是双语医生和神经科学家, 所以我们设计了新的中文专用工具.  这些可以更好地检测说中文人的大脑功能与只说英语的人的不同之处.  我们正在新泽西州/纽约市(罗格斯大学)和旧金山(斯坦福大学) 寻找志愿者:

  • 60岁以上
  • 会说普通话/国语
  • 有足夠的聽力和視力來完成一些調查和筆試
  • 能夠進行核磁共振檢查 (MRI)
  • 愿意捐几管血

Testing Methods | 检测手段

Are you interested in the New Jersey/NYC area?

Please contact Mei-ling Li or Guibin Su

如果您住在新泽西州/纽约市区,请联系 李美玲 or 苏桂斌

or 或者

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