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We are currently recruiting for the following studies.  Please contact the specific coordinator listed or our central research email at

CSF, MRI, and PET biomarker of inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease

    • The goal of the study is to better understand how inflammatory changes in the brain can be detected in the spinal fluid, MRI, and PET scan
    • We are looking for people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease
    • Contact: or Victor Sotelo

Beyond haploinsufficiency: Biomarkers in frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) due to progranulin (GRN) mutations

    • The goal of the study is to determine if some people with mutated GRN genes create abnormal proteins in their spinal fluid and blood
    • We are looking for people from families with known GRN mutations or inherited forms of frontotemporal dementia/primary progressive aphasia
    • Contact: or Victor Sotelo

Brain fog in long COVID

    • The goal of this study is to describe inflammatory changes in the spinal fluid and blood of people who develop thinking and memory issues (“brain fog”) after recovering from COVID-19
    • We are looking for people who had mild to moderate COVID-19 (never intubated) who feel their memory and thinking is worse than before the infection
    • Contact: or Kristen Briney

Rutgers-Stanford Chinese Older Adult Study (COAST)

    • The goal of this study is to compare performance on Mandarin- and English cognitive tests among bilingual older adults, correlate performance on Mandarin testing with brain structure/function, and determine diagnostic thresholds for cognitive impairment among Mandarin speakers
    • Contact: Mei-ling Li or Guibin Su

Memory and Aging in South Asian Americans

    • There are two on-going studies focusing on the aging brain in older South Asians
      • South Asian Aging Brain (SAAB)
      • Studying Attitudes towards MRI Research in Older South Asians (SAMOSA)
    • Contact: Shromona Sarkar
    • We are looking to collect information from participants with diverse backgrounds, which include:
      • Black/African Americans and White (non-Hispanic) Americans between 45 and 85 years of age
      • Normal memory and thinking, or a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
    • Contact: Call (551)-2762474 or 

Annals of Neurology

Interleukin 9 alterations linked to Alzheimer disease in African Americans

Whitney Wharton, Alexander L Kollhoff, Umesh Gangishetti, Danielle D Verble, Samsara Upadhya, Henrik Zetterberg, Veena Kumar, Kelly D Watts, Andrea J Kippels, Marla Gearing, J Christina Howell, Monica W Parker, William T Hu 

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Encephalopathy and Encephalitis Associated with Cerebrospinal Fluid Cytokine Alterations and Coronavirus Disease, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2020

Karima Benameur, Ankita Agarwal, Sara C Auld, Matthew P. Butters, Andrew S Webster, Tugba Ozturk, J Christina Howell, Leda C Bassit, Alvaro Velasquez, Raymond F Schinazi, Mark E Mullins, William T Hu

Alzheimer's and Dementia

Perspective on the “African American participation in Alzheimer disease research: Effective strategies” workshop, 2018

Andrea Denny, Marissa Streitz, Kristin Stock, Joyce E Balls-Berry, Lisa L Barnes, Goldie S Byrd, Raina Croff, Sujuan Gao, Crystal M Glover, Hugh C Hendrie, William T Hu, Jennifer J Manly, Krista L Moulder, Susan Stark, Stephen B Thomas, Rachel Whitmer, Roger Wong, John C Morris, Jennifer H Lingler