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Dr. Guoqiang Wang

Research Associate

Guoqiang is a molecular biologist with excellent logical rational skills and ambitious experimental strategies to discover the fundamental knowledge in life sciences. He joined the Driscoll Lab in September 2014 to

Dr. Yunpeng Xu

Postdoctoral Associate

2019.12-present  Postdoc, Rutgers. 2013.9-2019.9 Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China. 2009.9-2013.6, B.S., Biosciences, College of Life

Dr. Edward Chuang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Edward (Eddie) Chuang is an INSPIRE postdoctoral fellow in the Driscoll Lab. Eddie grew up in Massachusetts and received his B.A. in Biochemistry and in Mathematics from Colby College in

Meghan Lee Arnold

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Student

In her PhD studies, Meghan is researching a novel process by which cells maintain proteostasis– the disposal of cellular trash outside the cell, called exophergenesis.  Much has been learned about the various

Ilija Melentijevic

Ph.D. Candidate

Ilija Melentijevic completed his bachelors at Rutgers University where he discovered and described the novel exopher vesicle in C. elegans neurons. His current focus is on developing a robotic high

Joelle Smart

I am a senior PhD candidate investigating neuronal exophers. In particular, I am interested in the status of mitochondria ejected from cells in exophers, as well as the long-term effects