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About Us 

We acknowledge global warming is of such immense scale, both having accumulated over time and cascading planet-wide with lots of varying local effects, that we often don’t know what to do. And this “hyperobject” envelops the multiple issues/sectors we already work on. It’s scary but we’re all in this together!

In the spirit of the Price Institute’s mission to foster an engaged university, we invite all to join our working group meetings on global warming and climate justice, to begin grappling with a problem whose immensity demands that we rethink current ways of teaching, researching, and organizing. It is open to all on campus, in Newark, Greater Newark, and those concerned about restoring the estuarial region. We also are reckoning with the foundational colonizing injustices to the Lenape peoples of the estuary and the deep harm of extreme extractions.

We seek to come together & to talk, surface our experiences, concerns, learn, and to reimagine.


We meet every other Wednesday during free hour. Once a month we’ll have a public event right afterwards.

Remaining Meeting Dates for Fall 2019: 12/18


Upcoming Event
Eco-Working Group Student Project Share

December 11, 2019 | 4- 6 pm | Paul Robeson Campus Center, Essex Room | RSVP

Let’s come together to reflect on the experiences of students doing Environmental Justice (EJ) work on campus, connect like-minded members of our community, demonstrate the impact this level of engagement has on our campus, and inspire future EJ focused courses. There will also be delicious food and drinks to celebrate the end of the semester.

Participating Courses

“Core Topics in Video Production: Portraits of Climate Inequalities” Prof. William Garcia

“EcoArt I: Global EcoArt ActivismProf. Alexandra Chang

“Environmental Justice in Post-War America” Prof. Neil Maher

“HLLC: Local Citizenship in a Global World” Profs. Tim Eatman & Mark Krasovic

“Senior Studio Seminar I and Cross-Media Design Studio” Profs. Chantal Fischzang, Jennifer Bernstein, and Rebecca Jampol