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“Community First!” Jack Tchen 9.25.2019

I wake up enjoying the warm crisp air of “Indian Summer.” Funny how such terms, so deeply inscribed, pop up out of my Midwestern childhood even as the adult in me knows better—to suspect the usage of such reference to First Nation peoples. Apparently the first published usage was with Crevecoeur writing from Orange County, … Read More

Scott Bernstein’s Talk

Scott Bernstein is the founding director of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, a national ‘community first’ non-profit based in Chicago. CNT have a series of 2 page briefs on Water Affordability, Lead in Drinking Water, Water Loss and Water Pollution These are case studies of innovative practices in Denver, Philadelphia, Madison WI and Lansing MI … Read More

First Session Brainstorming

The following two links are referenced in Jack Tchen opening framing comments: Timothy Morton, “Introducing the idea of ‘hyperobjects,’ High Country News, Jan. 19, 2015. la paperson (K. Wayne Yang) A Third University is Possible (2017)