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Zanin, J.P., J. Verpeut, Li, Y., Shiflett, M.W., S.-S. Wang, Santhakumar, V., and W.J. Friedman, The p75NTR influences cerebellar circuit development and adult behavior via regulation of cell cycle duration of granule cell progenitors, J. Neurosci. 39 (46) 9119-9129; DOI:, 2019  cover copy


Montroull, L.E., D. Rothbard, H.D. Kanal, V. D’Mello, V. Dodson, C.M. Troy, J.P. Zanin, S.W. Levison, and W.J. Friedman, Pro-Neurotrophins induce apoptotic neuronal death after controlled cortical impact injury in adult mice, ASN Neuro, 12:1-13;, 2020  SAGEI_6_2_Infographic_Jul_30_2020