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p75NTR in the Developing Cerebellum

The p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR) is highly expressed in proliferating progenitor cells in the developing brain.  In the cerebellum, p75NTR (green) is present in all proliferating (red) granule cell progenitors.

We have demonstrated that this receptor regulates the duration of the cell cycle of these progenitors.  We continue to study the mechanisms by which this receptor regulates the cell cycle, and the consequences of its absence for brain development and function.

See our recent papers on this topic:

Zanin, J.P., J. Verpeut, Li, Y., Shiflett, M.W., S.-S. Wang, Santhakumar, V., and W.J. Friedman, The p75NTR influences cerebellar circuit development and adult behavior via regulation of cell cycle duration of granule cell progenitors, J. Neurosci. 39 (46) 9119-9129; DOI:, 2019, Cover Article

Zanin, J.P., E. Abercrombie, and W.J. Friedman, Proneurotrophin-3 promotes cell cycle withdrawal of developing cerebellar granule cell progenitors via the p75 neurotrophin receptor, eLife, DOI: 10.7554/eLife.16654, 2016

p75NTR in the Rat Subventricular Zone (SVZ)

p75NTR is expressed in a subpopulation of progenitor cells in the rat (not mouse) SVZ.  These are proliferating progenitors, and our project is to investigate the role of this receptor in their development.  Our ongoing study suggests that this receptor influences glial development.