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This course will be REMOTE SYNCHRONOUS for Fall 2021.


Learning Goals

Where does human knowledge come from? In this course we will explore the origins of human knowledge through the lens of cognitive developmental science, and link it to ideas from other academic fields, such as philosophy, behavioral biology, neuroscience, and anthropology. The topics may include: depth, space, number, language, music, social understanding and learning & plasticity. We will examine findings and ideas from developmental science, broadly construed. Most importantly, we will learn about these findings and ideas both through readings and lectures, and through doing in-class experiments ourselves!

We aim to attain more insight into what it means to be a human thinker. Along the way, you will:

  • Learn the central concepts and theoretical foundations of cognitive developmental science
  • Learn to find resources and to think for yourselves about issues regarding the origins of mind
  • Acquire and apply contemporary and interdisciplinary research methods

Develop analytical thinking skills and communicate complex ideas effectively in writing and in oral presentation.


There is no required textbook. Readings will be available on Canvas.