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Let's explore the wonders of developmental science together!


I am on leave from teaching FA23-FA24


Course Objectives

  • Recognize the hallmarks of human development and the central themes of developmental science
  • Identify and apply empirical methods to test developmental theories
  • Critically evaluate developmental theories and cognitive development studies
  • Communicate research findings to the general public using lay language
  • Develop personally as professionals in the scientific field


Siegler et al. How Children Develop. Pref. 5th edition and newer.


You will also need a laptop computer and access to the internet to complete this course.


We are going to adopt a Learning Contract model for this course. Research suggests that this approach helps with students’ motivation, so we are trying it out! This means, as long as you complete all the basic requirements, you are guaranteed a B. Any bonus you receive will depend on the quality of your work and will boost your grade up, and missing requirements will lower your grade. That’s it!