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This course will be REMOTE ASYNCHRONOUS for Spring and Fall 2021.

Course Aims

  • Learn the central questions of developmental science
  • Recognize the hallmarks of human development from conception to childhood
  • Understand the various ways in which theories of development can be empirically tested
  • Learn to critically evaluate developmental theories, studies, and conclusions
  • Learn to access research resources used by professionals in the field of developmental science
  • Provide a scientific basis for making decisions you may face as a parent, teacher, social policy-maker, or voter


Textbook Siegler et al. How Children Develop. Pref. 4th edition and newer.

It is a great textbook, but like all textbooks, it costs a lot. However, you can find older versions online (for less than $10!).  We do NOT need Launchpad, iClicker, or other services for this course. Additionally, we will try to forego the textbook for other (free) sources when possible.