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Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences

Rutgers University, Newark NJ 07102

(973) 353-5387 Fax: (973) 353-5518


Address: 170 West End Ave.  Apt. 12N, New York NY 10023

(212) 874-4598


Institution                                      City                     Dates          Subject

Bronx High School of Science  New York             1954-58

Cornell University                     Ithaca NY              1958-62     Zoology B.A.

Marine Biological Lab.             Woods Hole MA   1961          Marine Ecology

New York University                New York              1962-64    Biology M.S.

New York University                New York              1964-67    Biology Ph.D.


Scholarships and Fellowships

New York State Regents Scholarship                                        1958-62

Cornell Regents Scholarship                                                     1958-62

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship                  1962-63

N.S.F. Cooperative Graduate Fellowship                                  1963-64

N.Y.U. Graduate Faculty Tuition Scholarship                          1965-66

N.Y. State College Teaching Fellowship                                  1966-67

Congressional Science Fellowship, AAAS & ASZ                  1983-84



Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean’s List, Honors Program, Sigma Xi, N.Y.U. Founder’s Day Award, Outstanding Young Women of America, Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who of American Women, Supplemental Salary Adjustment Awards, Elected Fellow of AAAS, 1985, Governor’s Science Advisory Committee, N.J., President’s Council of Cornell Women, Marine Board of the National Research Council 1991, Environmental Award from Accabonac Protection Committee, 1996.

Rutgers Class of 1962 Presidential Public Service Award, 2003-2004,

Fulbright Senior Specialist – Visit to Indonesia (Hasanuddin University, Makassar, South Sulawesi) May 2006

Chancellor’s Award for Faculty Community Research 2008



Title                             Institution                                           Dates    

Lab Assistant              Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.   Summer 60

Lecturer                       Hunter College, NYC                            1964-67

Assistant Professor     Rutgers Univ., Newark                          1967-71

Associate Professor    Rutgers                                                   1971-76

Professor                     Rutgers                                                   1976-

Visiting Scientist        Florida Atlantic Univ.                            1975-76

Visiting Scientist        Southampton College NY                     Summers ’80-99

Congressional Science Fellow  U.S. Senate                             1983-84

Associate Dean-Academic Affairs   Rutgers                             Jan85   -Jun86

Program Director        National Science Foundation                1988-90

Visiting Scientist        EPA Laboratory, Gulf Breeze FL         1992

Visiting Scientist        EPA Ocean & Coastal Protection         1993


Member of Rutgers Graduate Programs in Biological Sciences, Ecology, Toxicology, Environmental Science

Developer and Coordinator of Science, Technology & Society Program (STS) between Rutgers and NJ Institute of Technology

Curriculum Development for Environmental Science Program

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: overall responsibility for non-salaried budget and coadjutant hiring, curriculum, space, planning, program evaluations, faculty grievance procedures, acts as Deputy Dean when Dean of Faculty is not available.

Congressional Science Fellow: Legislative Assistant for the Environment and Public Works Committee. Analyzed policy, researched background information and scientific data for decision-making, participated in planning legislation and hearings, met with interested groups, and drafted floor statements. Specific areas: Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Water Act, acid rain, pesticides, hazardous wastes, toxic substances, biotechnology, ground water.

Program Director, National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Science, Engineering and Mathematics Education: Responsible for undergraduate education efforts in the field of biology and environmental science, including programs for faculty, students, curriculum development, laboratory development, and instrumentation; much program planning and grant administration, coordination with other divisions within NSF, and interaction with scientists in the academic community.

Nominator of the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary to be designated a “Hope Spot” by Mission Blue 2023 because of the huge improvement in water quality, biodiversity, restoration, and public access.


Courses Taught at Rutgers:

General Biology, Animal Ecology & Evolution, Marine Biology, Embryology, Human Sexuality, Environmental Issues, Intro. to Women’s Studies, Topics in Science Technology & Society: Toxic Substances. Graduate Courses: Regeneration, Ichthyology, Biology of Pollution, Topics in Marine Ecology.


Service to Rutgers:

Curriculum Committee, Department                            1969-70

Delegate Assembly, AAUP                                          1970-71

Chair, Dept. Seminar Committee                                 1970-71

Senate ad hoc Committee on the Status of Women     1971-72

Planning Committee, College                                      1971-72, 76-77

Student Affairs Committee, College                            1971-72

Chair, Student Affairs Committee                                1972-73

Executive Comm. Zoology Graduate Program                         1972-73

Dean’s Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunity                  1973

Phi Beta Kappa Elections Committee                                       1973

Director, Graduate Program in Zoology                                   1973-75

Courses of Study Committee, College                                      1974-75

Review Committee, College                                                      1977-79

Director, Women’s Studies Program                                         1978-79


College Honors Council                                                             1980-83

Grievance Committee, College                                                 1980-81

Steering Committee, Women in Science Conference               1980-81

Admissions Committee, Graduate School                                 1980-82

Admissions Committee, Graduate Program                              1980-82,93-

Appointments & Promotions Committee, College                   1981-82, 2004-05

Chair, Appointments and Promotions Committee                    1984-85

Biomedical Research Grants Awards Committee, Univ.         1983

Marine Science Committee, University                                     1984-87

Search Committee for Director of Marine Science Inst.           1986-87

Secretary, Zoology Section, University                                     1984-85

Curriculum Committee, College                                                1986-87

Search Committee for Women’s Studies Director                    1987-88

University Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology Comm.            1990-91

University Biosafety Committee                                                1993-

Provost’s Committee on Athletics and Recreation                    1995-96

Departmental Search Committee s                                            1996,97,98,02

Advisory Committee for Water Resources Research Inst.          1997-

Advisory Committee to Center for Urban Restoration Ecology  (CURE) 2000-

University Senate                                                                         2003-2004

RU FAIR Professor, Newark Campus                                      2008-2013

IMCS Committee on Future Hires                                             2011


Professional Societies:

American Society of Zoologists (ASZ) (SICB), Estuarine Research Federation (ERF), American Inst. of Biological Sciences (AIBS), Association for Women in Science (AWIS), American Fisheries Soc. (AFS), Ecological Society of America (ESA), Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (SETAC), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)


Professional Society Activities:

Public Affairs Committee, Amer. Soc. of Zoologists 1980-82,84-90

Chair, Public Affairs Comm. ASZ                              1986-88,90-91

Equal Opportunity Committee, ASZ                          1983-85

Congressional Fellow Comm. ASZ                            1985-90

ASZ Delegate to AIBS Council                                  1983, 89-

Awards Committee, Amer. Fisheries Soc.                 1975-76

Certification Committee, AFS                                    1980-81

Environmental Concerns Comm., AFS                     1982-83

Chair, Equal Opportunity Comm. AFS                     1982-83

Public Responsibilities Comm. AIBS                       1984-92

Congressional Fellow Comm. AIBS                                        1984-91

Chair, Congression Fellow Comm., AIBS                               1991

Governing Board, AIBS                                                            1986-88,90-92, 1997-99

Chair, Awards Committee, AIBS                                              1998

AIBS Delegate to Agric. Biotech. Research Advisory Comm.1988-90

Chair, Technical Review Comm. SETAC Chapter                   1985,86

Government Affairs Comm. SETAC                                        1985-92

Education Committee, SETAC                                                  1986-92

Governing Board, SETAC                                                         1990-1993

Co-chair, Society Relations Comm. SETAC                            1991-95

Publications Committee, SETAC                                              1992-95

Awards Comm. NJ Academy of Sciences                                1985

Public Affairs Committee, Ecological Society                          1987-93, 94-97

Ad Hoc Committee on Women & Minorities, E.S.A.               1989-92

Committee on Women & Minorities, AIBS                              1991-94

Member-at-Large, Biology Section Committee, AAAS           1992-96

Chair-Elect, Chair, and past chair Biology Section AAAS       1998-2001

Chair, Awards Committee AIBS                                               1998

President-Elect, President, and past President AIBS             2000-2003

Councillor (Board Member) Assoc. for Women in Science (AWIS) 2003-06

Chair, Communications Committee, AIBS                              2003

Human Resources Committee, AIBS                                      2005


Society Meeting Presentations:

NJ Academy of Sciences 1969, 78, 81

Amer. Soc. of Zoologists 1968,71,78,79 (session chair),80,82,95

Amer. Assoc. of Anatomists 1969, 77,  78, 81, 82

Atlantic Estuarine Research Soc. 1976, 81, 82

Estuarine Research Federation 1983, 85, 87, 89, 91, 93,95,97,99,03

Soc. of Environ. Toxic. & Chem 1981, 83-01

Ecological Society of America 1992, 93, 98, 05

Natl. Assoc. for Science, Technology & Society 1989, 90

Coastal Society 1992

Shallow Water Conference 1994-6

Wetlands Regulatory Workshop  2000


Seminars Presented:

Dept. of Biology, N.Y.U. 1974.

Dept. of Anatomy, N.Y. Medical College, 1974.

Dept. of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic U. 1976.

Harbor Branch Foundation, Ft. Pierce, FL 1976.

New York Ocean Sciences Lab, Montak 1976.

Chesapeake Biol. Lab, Solomons MD 1977.

U.S. E.P.A. Narragansett R.I. 1978.

Dept. of Biology, Seton Hall Univ. 1980.

Marine Science Research Center SUNY Stony Brook 1980.

Biology Dept., Hofstra Univ. 1981.

Biology Dept. Ramapo College 1981.

Biology Dept. CCNY 1982.

Biology Dept., Ohio Univ., Athens 1982.

Biology Dept., Rutgers New Brunswick 1982.

Biology Dept. Rutgers Camden 1983.

Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. Seattle 1983.

Natl. Bureau of Oceanography, Beijing China 1983.

Dalian Inst. of Environmental Protection, Dalian China 1983.

Second Inst. of Oceanography, Hangzhou China 1983.

South China Sea Inst. of Oceanography Guangzhou China 1983.

Honors Program Colloquium, Rutgers 1983.

Chesapeake Biological Lab. Solomons MD 1983.

U.S. E.P.A. Washington DC 1983.

Dept. of Biology, Georgetown Univ. 1984.

Dept. of Biology, George Washington Univ. 1984.

N.I.H. Graduate Course in Environmental Toxicology 1984-93.

Dept. of Ecology & Evolution SUNY Stony Brook 1984.

Women in Science & Engineering EPA Chapter 1984.

Dept. of Zoology, Rutgers 1984.

Marine Science Dept., Univ. Connecticut 1984.

Environmental Biology & Public Policy Prog., George Mason U. 1985

Dept. of Ecology & Behavioral Biology, U. Minnesota 1985.

Assoc. of Women in Science, Minneapolis Chapter 1985.

Biology Dept., York College CUNY 1985.

Center for Coastal & Environ. Studies, Rutgers, 1986.

Biology Dept. Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. 1986.

Environmental Science Program, N.J.I.T. 1987.

DuPont Corp. Wilmington 1987.

Toxicology Program Rutgers

U.S. E.P.A. Region III Phila. 1988.

Bergen County Wildlife Center 1988

Council of Botany/Plant Science Chairs, Purdue 1988.

Natl. Assoc. of Biology Teachers, Chicago 1988.

Univ. of Kentucky, Biology Dept. 1988, 89.

ENVIRON Corp Washington DC 1989.

Cornell University Environmental Toxicology Program 1989.

U.S. E.P.A. Ecological Research Needs Workshop 1989.

Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Wisconsin 1990.

A.I.B.S. Council 1990.

Dept. of Bioscience, Drexel Univ. 1990.

Dept. of Environmental Science, Cook College 1990.

Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Mississippi 1990.

Savannah River Ecology Lab 1991.

SUNY Stony Brook Marine Sciences Research  Center 1991.

SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry 1991.

SUNY Buffalo 1991.

Cornell U. 1991.

Univ. of Delaware Marine Lab 1991.

US EPA Gulf Breeze 1992.

Barnard College, NY, 1992.

Gulf Coast Research Lab, MS, 1992

Dauphin Island Marine Lab, AL, 1992

Biology Dept. George Mason Univ. VA , 1992

Ecology Program, Rutgers  1993

US EPA, Washington  1993

Rider College, 1993

University of Illinois 1993

University of Massachusetts, 1995

Essex County College     1995

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center 1996

Haskin Shellfish Lab., Rutgers 1996

Passaic County College, 1997

Ecology & Evolution Program, Rutgers New Brunswick 1999

US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC 1999

Biosphere2, (Columbia Univ.) Arizona, 1999

Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor NJ       2000

Connecticut College             2000

  1. California, Davis, Environmental Toxicology Program 2001
  2. California Davis – Bodega Marine Lab 2001

City College, CUNY    2001

Delaware Center for Inland Bays 2001

Operation Wallacea, Hoga Indonesia 2002

US EPA Pesticides Office 2002

NOAA Sandy Hook Laboratory 2003

Wilkes College  2003 (Annual Grace Kimball Memorial speaker)

JP Morgan-Chase Lincoln/Douglass Debates – Symposium speaker 2003

NJIT Environmental Science Program  2004

Sandy Hook Assoc. for Research & Education – Benthic Workshop  2004

Fairleigh Dickenson Univ. Biology Department 2004

Meadowlands Environmental Research Inst.  May 2005

Life Sciences Department, Louisiana State Univ.  March 2006

Hasanuddin Univ., Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia May 2006

Sam Ratulangi Univ. Manado, North Sulaweis, June 2006

NJIT Dept. of Environmental Science, March 2008

Columbia Univ. Population Biology Seminar  April 2008

Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. May 2008

NOAA Laboratory, Sandy Hook NJ  April 2009

Dept. of Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson University Sept. 2009

NOAA and EPA Offices in New York City  Oct. 2009

Hudson River Foundation  Nov. 2009

Montclair State University Dec. 2009

School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Stony Brook Univ. Dec. 2009

EPA Berry’s Creek Superfund Technical Advisory Group  2010

Columbia University Seminar on Water Resources  Fe.b. 2011

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario                 Sept. 2011

Seton Hall University                                                Dec. 2011

Mystic Aquarium                                                       May 2012

Gowanus Canal Conservancy                                    Feb 2013

Fairleigh Dickinson University                                  March 2013

USGS Menlo Park                                                  June 2014


Participation in Conferences:

New Alternatives for Women Science Graduate Students. NSF and Univ. of Arizona 1977.

Symposium on Environmental Pollutants, Univ. of CT and Natl. Research Council. Storrs CT 1977

Energy and Environmental Stress in Aquatic Ecosystems. Savannah River Ecology Lab, Augusta 1977.

Pollution & Physiology of Marine Organisms. Belle Baruch Inst & Natl. Marine Fish. Serv., S. Carolina 1977.

Panel of Women Scientists for Rutgers U. Training inst. for sex desegregation 1978.

Symposium on early life history of fishes. Int. Council for Exploration of the seas. Woods Hole MA 1979.

Estuarine Research Federation, Jekyll Is. GA 1979,

Fifth Aquatic Toxicology Symp. ASTM, 1979 (paper won award).

Water Conference, Ramapo College 1980

Pollution & Physiology of Marine Organisms, S. Carolina 1981

Heavy Metals in the NJ Environment. NJ Acad. Sciences 1982

Meaningful Measures of Marine Pollutant Effects NOAA, Pensacola FL 1982.

Fourth Internatl. Ocean Disposal Symp. Plymouth UK 1983.

AAAS Symp. of Heavy Metals and Aquatic Organisms, Detroit 1983.

Chair of “Contaminant Burdens and Indicator species health,” 2nd Northeast Monitoring Program workshop NOAA 1983.

Pollution & Physiology of Marine Organisms, Mystic CT 1983

Workshop of National marine pollution research and monitoring issues, NOAA, Easton MD 1984.

Fifth Internatl. Ocean Disposal Symp, Corvallis OR 1984.

Amer. Soc. Zoologists panel on “Political influence and science policy.” Baltimore MD 1985.

Gordon Research Conference on Chemical-biological interactions in estuaries, Plymouth NH. 1986. Speaker and session chair.

EPA Workshop on finfish as indicators of toxic contamination. Airlie, VA 1986.

Batelle Workshop on Alternate approaches to toxicity testing: utility of non-mammalian organisms. Columbus OH 1986.

International Organotin Symposium, Halifax NS 1987.

Discussion Leader, “Environmental Gridlock” Conf. NJ 1988

EPA Workshop on Ecological Research Needs, Seattle WA 1989

Natl. Assoc. of State Univ. and Land Grant Colleges, Wash. DC, 1989. Urban impacts on coastal water quality.

Panel on “Science Literacy,”  ASZ  Boston, MA 1989

Panel on “Biologists as Activists,” ASZ  Boston MA 1989

Panel on “Empowering Women in a Technological World.” Technological Literacy Conference. Wash DC Feb 1990.

Workshop on “Sediment Genotoxicity,” U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg Mar. 1990.

Roundtable on Environmental Internships, Philadelphia Mar. 1990

International Conference on “Metals in Soils, Waters, Plants and Animals” Orlando FL 1990.

Conference on Undergraduate Biology Curricula, Butler Univ., Indianapolis IN, July 1990.

Conf. on Marine and Estuarine Diseases, Pensacola FL, Oct. 1990

Conference on Environmental Science Programs, Guelph Ontario, Nov. 1990.

Workshop on Whole Animal Toxicity Testing, Wash. D.C. Nov. 1990

Chesapeake Research Consortium

Discussant in “The Compleat Crab” Symposium, ASZ San Antonio 1990

Panel on “Science Policy for Women in Science: Lessons from historical  and contemporary case studies.” AAAS, Washington    1991.

Panel Discussion on Scientific Misconduct, AAUP   1991

Panel on Protecting Long Island’s Estuaries, Southampton   1991

Symposium “Ecology Education for Undergraduates: Current Perspectives and Future Directions” Ecological Soc. of Amer., 1991

Conference on Environmental Values and the Liberal Arts College, Moorhead, MN,  Oct. 1991.

Coastal Wetland Ecology and Management Symposium, New Orleans LA , 1991

Conference for Women Graduate Students on “Science Careers in the 1990’s.” AWIS, N.Y.C. 1991.

National Conference on the National Institutes for the Environment, Washington D.C. May 1992.

Sigma Xi University Colloquium on Environmental Research &  Education,  Raleigh,  N.C. Sept. 1992.

Forest Products Society meeting on “Environmental Considerations in the use of Pressure Treated Wood Products,” May 1993.

Strategic Planning Workshop for Women and Minorities – ESA, June 93.

“Pellston Workshop” on Sustainable Environmental Management Aug 93

Science and Management in Marine & Estuarine Shallow Water Environments, US EPA and others  March 1994, April 1995

“Unusual Low Dose Responses” session at Society of Toxicology, March, 1994.

“Critical Issues in Assessing Ecological Risk” California EPA  Jan. 1995

International Larval Fish Conference, Sydney, Australia, June 1995

Fisheries and Pollution – Population-level effects of Marine Contamination. Baltimore MD Oct. 1995

NSF Women and Science Conference, Dec. 1995

“Endocrine Disruption by Chemicals” EPA Workshop, May 1996

Atlantic Coast Fishery Managers’ Habitat Workshop, June 1996

Fisheries and Pollution Conference, Bodega Bay, CA Nov. 1996

European Union, Chemical Toxicology Workshop, Italy, May 1999

Mercury as a Global Pollutant, Rio de Janeiro, May 1999

Pellston Workshop on Complex Stressors in Ecosystems  SETAC, Sept. 1999

Wetland Symposium, Univ. of Mississippi              May 2000

National Conference on Science, Policy and The Environment, Washington DC Dec. 2000

Chair of breakout session on Environmental Indicators

Phragmites: A sheep in wolf’s clothing?   Cumberland County Coll. NJ Jan. 2002

Strategic Planning Workshop, USGS Fish Health Research Lab., WV.  Feb. 2002

Workshop on Overwater Structures and Treated Wood. US Fish and Wildlife, Olympia WA 2002

Our Hudson Home  – Liberty Science Center,  Jersey City  Dec. 2002

Newark Bay – Raritan Bay – Sandy Hook Workshop 2003

Workshop on Grass Shrimp as an Estuarine Indicator NOAA May 2003

Environmental Impacts of Pressure-Treated Wood, Orlando FL Feb. 2004

6th International Congress on the Biology of Fishes, Manaus Brazil  Aug. 2004

Ecological Society of America  Aug 2005

Invited Speaker – Women Evolving Biological Sciences, U. Washington  Oct. 2008

Invited Keynote Speaker – World Oceans Congress, Manado Indonesia  May 2009

Invited Keynote Speaker – Ecology and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes  May 2010

Invited Keynote Speaker – Rhode Island Natural History Conference  April 2011

Invited Keynote Speaker – Ethology and Invasive Species Internet Conference April 2013

Panel on Cleanup of the Lower Passaic River                                 NJIT   July 2014


External Grants

Effects of methymercury on development: its interactions with natural environmental factors and other heavy metals.

NOAA Office of Sea Grant, 1977-79

Professional and related services relative to establishment of a statewide listing of bioassay organisms.

NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection  1977-78.

A comprehensive monitoring and assessment program for selected heavy metals and organic contaminants in NJ aquatic fauna.

NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection via NJ Marine Science Consortium   1978-79.

Tolerance to methylmercury in Newark Bay area killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus.

NOAA Office of Sea Grant  1980-83.

Monitoring effects of pollution on regeneration and ecdysis in Cancroid crabs.

NOAA Ocean Pulse Program.  1982

Effects of environmental factors on methylation and release of mercury from Berrys Creek sediments and its uptake by killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus).

NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection   1982-83.

Cadmium tolerance in the killifish Fundulus heteroclitus.

NIH Minority Biomed. Research Support (Assoc. Inv.) 1984-87

Chemical-Biological interactions between fish and treated municipal waste water. (co-P.I.)

NOAA Office of Sea Grant   1986-89.

Effects of diflubenzuron on the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator.

NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection  1986-87

Development of Science, Technology & Society (STS) Courses

NJ Dept. of Higher Education  1986-87 and 87-88.

Development of the STS Faculty at Rutgers Newark and N.J.I.T.

NJ Dept. of Higher Education  1986-87 and 87-88.

Effects of tributyltin (TBT) on the mummichog, Fundulus heteroclitus.

N.J. Marine Sciences Consortium  1987-88.

Effects of heavy metal pollutants on feeding behavior of Fundulus heteroclitus.

NJ Marine Sciences Consortium  1987-88.

Effects of tributyltin on the mummichog, Fundulus heteroclitus.

NIH Minority Biomed. Research Support (Assoc. Inv) 1987-90

A Lectureship on A.I.D.S.

G.T.E. Lectureship on Science, Technology & Values  1988-89

Effects of mercury on burrowing behavior of the fiddler crabs Uca pugnax and U. minax and their effect on the marsh ecosystem.

NJ Marine Sciences Consortium  1988-89.

Effects of mercury on the predator-prey relationship between Fundulus heteroclitus and Palaemonetes pugio.

NJ Marine Science Consortium  1988-89.

Effects of the Arthur Kill oil spill on behavior, regeneration, and molting in fiddler crabs.

NJ Mar. Sci. Consort. 1990-91.

Biological assays of chromium copper arsenate-treated wood and its recycled plastic alternative in marine organisms.

Plastics Recycling Foundation 1990-91

Biological assays of treated wood and its recycled plastic alternative.

NOAA Sea Grant  1990-91

A Workshop in Undergraduate Environmental Science Education.

Educational Foundation of America, Shell Oil Foundation,  and EPA, 1991.

Impacts of CCA Pressure-treated wood structures in estuaries.

US Geological Survey, Water Resources Prog. 1991-92, 92-93

Effects of CCA wood structures in estuaries. NOAA Sea Grant 1992-3

Coastal Environment and Pressure-Treated Wood.

PADI Fndn. 1993-4

Effects of CCA wood on estuarine benthos

NJ Sea Grant   1994

Benthic Impacts of wood treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) in Estuaries.

NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserves System, 1994-95

Bioavailability and benthic effects of chemicals leached from pressure-treated wood in estuaries. U.S.D.A. 1994-96 (co- P.I.)

Impacts of CCA Pressure-treated wood structures in Chesapeake Bay.

MD and VA Sea Grant Toxics Program, 1995-97

Trophic transfer of contaminants from organisms attached to chromated copper arsenate treated wood to their consumers: a field study.

NOAA Sea Grant (NJ Sea Grant Program) 1996-97

Effects of CCA wood docks and boating activity on shellfish in NJ waters.

NJ Department of Environmental Protection 1996-97.

Fish as a model system for behavioral teratology.

NIH Minority Biomedical Research Support Program  1995-99

Pollution and predator/prey interactions in estuaries.

USGS Water Resources Research Program 1996-99

Wetland plants’ roles in uptake and transport of heavy metals and remediation.

NSF 1998-2001

ROA Supplement to the above grant          2000

Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute.

Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission. 1998-2003 P.I. N Adams.

Habitat and nutritional value of the invasive marsh plant Phragmites australis for estuarine animals, as compared with that of Spartina alterniflora.

USGS Water Resources Research Program 1999-2000

Effects of CCA treated wood walkways on salt marshes.

Delaware Center for Inland Bays  2001

Saltmarsh Biocomplexity Incubation Grant (co-I) NSF 2001-2002. M Levandowsky, PI.

Eight Day Swamp: Assessment of metal contamination and benthic biodiversity. P. Weis, PI

MERI 2001-2003

Diet and Reproductive Health of White Perch in the Meadowlands. MERI 2002-2004

Fish use of intertidal areas in the Wakatobi Marine Park, Indonesia   Operation Wallacea 2002

Behaviour of different fiddler crab species in Wakatobi Marine Park. Operation Wallacea 2002

Effects of trophic transfer of contaminants in young-of-the-year bluefish. NOAA 2003-2005

Effects of extremely high levels of gill parasites on killifish. Meadowlands Env. Research Inst. 2005-2006

Trophic transfer of contaminants and mechanisms of behavioral effects on juvenile bluefish from the Hackensack River. MERI 2006-2007

Behavior of blue crabs in contaminated environments. MERI 2007-08

Soil Metals and Plant Communities at Liberty State Park, NJ Dept. Environmental Protection  2007-2008

Wetlands and Water Quality Assessment – MERI 2007-2008

Growth of Blue Crabs in the Hackensack Meadowlands – MERI 2008-2009

RUFAIR Professorship: Advancing Women in Science at Rutgers-Newark. Newark component of NSF Advance Grant to Rutgers University – RU FAIR                                              2009-2011

Behavior of fiddler crabs in the Meadowlands   MERI 2009-2010


Review Panels:

Panel for  NSF Graduate Fellowships                              1976,77, 03,05,06

Chair, Panel for NSF Graduate Fellowships                    1978,79,82

EPA Environmental Biology Grant Review Panel          1984-90

EPA Water Ecology Centers Program Review Panel      1991

NOAA Sea Grant Site Visit Review for Mass.                1986

EPA Distinguished Visiting Scientist review panel         1987,88

EPA EMAP Ecological Indicators Award review panel  1993

EPA Peer Reviewer for Ecological Risk Assessment      1990

EPA Peer Reviewer for Gulf Breeze Laboratory             1990

NSF Faculty Enhancement Program                                1991

NSF Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement        1992

NIH Minority Biomedical Res. Support, TN State          1992

EPA Science Advisory Board Committee to review papers or Scientific & Tech. Achievement Awards                                                                                                            1993-2002

EPA SAB Subcommittee on Sediment Toxicity                                            1993

Advisory Committee to Superfund Project of Minority Health Professions, Assoc. Toxic Substances Disease Registry                                                                                 1992-98

1993-NASA Panel- Grad. Student Fellowships on Global Change               1993

EPA Peer Review for EMAP/ University Partnership  Agreement                1994

NOAA Peer Review of Coastal Ocean Program Proposals.                           1994

NOAA Sea Grant Review Panel for Nonindigenous Species                         1997

NRC/Ford Foundation Predoct. Minority Fellowships                                   1996,97

Endocrine Disruptors Screening and Testing Advisory Committee to EPA  1996-98

Workshop on developing Biological Field Station, U. Mississippi                 1997

National Sea Grant Review Panel, NOAA                                                       1998-2009

National Review Panel-  Project on Economic Evaluation of Ocean Sector   1999-2000

AAAS/Canon Graduate Fellowships for Research in National Parks              1999

EPA “Star” Graduate Fellowship Review Panel                                               2000-07, 2011, 2013

EPA Reviewer for Alabama Center for Estuarine Studies                                2004

EPA SAB Committee on Aquatic Life Criteria                                               2005

EPA Air Quality Criteria Development for Pb – Ecological Effects                2005

EPA SAB Committee: Review of “State of the Environment 2007”               2007

NIH SCORE Research Review                                                                       2008

EPA SAB Committee Review of “State of the Environment 2011”                 2009-

Pew Trust Review of Aquaculture Indicators                                                     2009

Fulbright Senior Specialists Fellowship Review Panel                                      2009,2010

EPA SAB Committee to review Great Lakes Action Plan                               2011

Expert Committee on Brine Discharge in California (SCCWRP)                     2011

NOAA Sea Grant Healthy Coastal Ecosystems Review Panel                          2012

TX Sea Grant Review Panel                                                                                2019



Manuscripts for Estuaries                                                   1978,79,93,94,96, 97, 09

Manuscripts for  Florida Scientist                                       1978

Ms. for Biological Monitoring of Marine Pollutants     1980

Ms. for Marine Ecology Progress Series                            1983, 2004, 2009, 2014

Ms for Marine Pollution Bulletin                                      2005, 2008

Ms. for Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol.                          1983,86,87,88,89,92,94,97

Ms. for ASTM Aquatic Toxicology Symposium               1985

Ms. for U.S. Office of Technology Assessment                 1985,86,87

Ms. for Journal of Crustacean Biology                               1986,93,94,97,98, 12

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Ms for Marine Ecology                                                    2009, 2017

Ms for Wetlands                                                               2010

Ms for Crustaceana                                                            2010

Ms for Ecological Engineering                                          2011

Ms for PLos One                                                                 2012

Book, Biosphere, for Rutgers Univ. Press                         1990

Book, Biogeochemical Cycles, for Acad. Press                1990

Book, Modern Biology, for Holt Rinehart & Winston     1996

Chapter in book, Biogeochemistry and Environmental Change

for American Chemical Society                            1991

Grants for NOAA Sea Grant                                             1978, 80, 85, 86, 99

Grants for NSF Applied Biology                                       1980

Grants for NSF Biotic Systems & Resources                    1982,86,87,88

Grant for NSF Ecological Physiology                               1994, 95, 04

Grants for NSF Ecology                                                   2000,02, 03

Grant for NSF Behavior                                                 2005, 06

Grants for NSF/EPA Water & Watersheds                       1997

Grants for NSF Polar Programs                                   2005, 06

Grant for NSF Hydrology                                           2006

Grant for NSF International Programs                              2009

Grant for NSF Biological Oceanography                         2010

Grants for AWIS Educational Foundation                        1983-

Grants for Grad. Women in Science                                  2002

Grants for US Geological Survey                                      1985-86, 94

Grants for US Dept. of Energy                                          1985, 88

Grants for CUNY Research Foundation                           1986, 96, 99, 00

Grant for Great Lakes Research Consortium                    1991

Grants for EPA EPSCoR Program                                   1993

Grant for Hudson River Foundation                                1994, 99, 05, 10, 11

Grant for Wisconsin Sea Grant                                        1994, 95

Grant for Natl. Environ. Res. Council, UK                     1996

Grant for NOAA Fisheries S-K Program                        1996

Grant for Maryland Sea Grant                                         1997

Grant for NC Sea Grant                                                    2000

Grant for Long Island Sound program                             2000

Grant for NOAA Coastal Ocean Program                        2000

Grant from Natl. Res.Council Collaboration on Basic Science & Engin. 2000

Grant for NOAA  ECOHAB Program                               2001

Grant for Educational Foundation of America                    2001

Grants from CALFED                                                        2002

Grants for Coastal Response Research Center UNH   2004

Grants for NOAA NERR program                                        2010

Grant for NSF                                                                  2004, 2005, 2009

Grant for US Civilian Research and Development Foundation  2005

Grant for Amherst College Faculty Research Program  2006

Grant for NSERC – Canada National Science & Engineering Research Council  2008

Grant for NERC – Great Britain   2012

EPA Document on release of genetically engineered organisms                    1989

EPA documents on algal toxicity testing                                                          1986, 89

EPA Risk Assessment for Land Application of Pulp and Paper Mill  Sludge 1991

EPA Criteria for Utilization of Municipal Waste Combustion Residues in Concrete Medium Marine Applications                                                                                           1992

EPA Aquatic Life Criteria for Acrolein                                                             2008

Proposals for  symposia for AAAS Meeting,                                      1996,97,98,99

EPA Graduate Fellowships                                                                                1996

Great Lakes Ballast Technology Demonstration Proj.                                      1996

EPA Biocriteria for Estuaries                                                                             1998

Proctor and Gamble                                                                                         1982

National Wildlife Federation re marine pollution                                           1982

SUNY Stony Brook re sex equity                                                                    1984

EPA Office of Policy, Planning & Evaluation                                                1984-85

Evaluator, Biology Dept. Millersville U. PA                                                  1985

Environmental Defense Fund re tributyltin paint                                            1986

Environmental Defense Fund re pesticides in groundwater                            1988

NY Academy of Sciences – NY Bight Initiative                                             1987

Evaluator, Biology Dept. West. Connecticut State Univ.                               1988

Evaluator, Biology Program, Southern Illinois Univ.                                     1989

Natl Resources Defense Council – sewage effluent toxicity                           1990

Evaluator, Envir. Science Prog. U. Maine, Machias                                       1991

Science Advisory Committee to NYC DEP re Pelham landfill                      1991-93

Evaluator, Envir. Science Prog. Mid Tennessee State U.                                1992, 1997

Evaluator, Savannah River Ecology Lab,  U. Georgia                                    1992

Evaluator, Biology Dept., Slippery Rock State U. PA                                    1992

Evaluator, Environmental Studies Prog., U.N.C. Asheville                            1995

Site visitor, NSF Educational Programs, Northern AZ Univ.                          1995

Reviewer of California Sea Grant Program                                                     1998

Biosphere2 – Columbia University                                                                    1999

South Florida Water Management District on Everglades Restoration Plan 1999

Reviewer of Virginia Sea Grant Program                                                       1999

Reviewer of Ohio Sea Grant Program                                                            2000

Battelle, for their Endocrine Disruptor screening program                             2001

Reviewer of Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program                                                 2001

The VSA Group, Env. Consultants                                                                2003

Reviewer of Univ. New Hampshire Sea Grant Prog.                                     2003

Reviewer of Hawaii Sea Grant Program                                                      2003

Reviewer of Texas Sea Grant Program                                                        2004

Reviewer of Florida Sea Grant Program                                                      2005

Reviewer of Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program                                                2006

Review Committee for Canada DFO Aquaculture Chemicals Document        2009

Reviewer of proposals for CT Sea Grant Program                                          2011

Reviewer of grants for Hudson River Foundation                                           2018


Meeting Organization:

The N.Y. Bight and its estuarine ecosystems: state of health. AAAS Meeting, N.Y.C. 1984

Pollution Tolerance: who, what, where, when, and how. AAAS Meeting, N.Y.C. 1984

Annual Meeting Co-Chair, SETAC Hudson-Delaware Chapter

Hazardous Wastes, Environmental Effects & Management 1985

New Perspectives in Water Quality, 1986

Pollution and Physiology of Marine Organisms, S.C. Planned and  chaired session on “Relevance of physiological effects data to setting of Water Quality Criteria,”  1985

Organizer of Panel Discussion at A.S.Z. on “Research Funding in the Age of Gramm-Rudman”   Nashville TN, 1986.

Organizer of Panel Discussion at A.S.Z. on “Animal Use Issues and Zoological Research”  New Orleans LA, 1987.

Planning Committee for Conference “The Biotechnology Explosion: Controversies for the Future.” NJ, 1988.

Organizer of Panel Discussion at ASZ on “Biologists and the Media” San Antonio TX, 1990.

Workshop Organizer – “Undergraduate Environmental SciencePrograms.” AIBS Meeting, San Antonio 1991

Pollution, Habitat and Marine Conservation Biology – Soc. for Conservation Biology, 1997, Victoria B.C.

Alien Invasions!: Impacts and control of non-indigenous species –      AAAS  1999

Exotic/Invasive Wetland Species. Estuarine Research Federation,                   1999

The Art and Science of Wetland Restoration  AAAS    Washington DC          2000

Evolution: Understanding Life on Earth     AIBS       Washington DC  2002

Sea Grant Activities in Ecosystem Based Management – International Marine Conservation Conference, Fairfax VA 2009

Sea Grant Focus on Sustainable Coastal Ecosystems: Restoration    Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation. Nov. 2009  Portland OR

AWIS/NSF Advance Conference 2010, Alexandria VA



Associate Editor, Transactions Amer. Fisheries Society      1979-81

Book Review Editor, BioScience                                        1984-95

Editorial Board, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology  1991-97

Editorial Board, Fish and Fisheries Res. (on-line)               1996

Associate Editor, Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol             1997-2007

Guest Editor, Northeastern Naturalist                                  1999

Editorial Board, BioScience                                                 2003-

Ecology Editor, Ecology of Earth (on line)                          2006-

Assoc. Editor, Journal of Marine Biology                            2008-


Theses Written Under my Direction:

Teratogenic effects of the insecticides DDT, carbaryl, malathion and parathion on developing medaka eggs (Oryzias latipes). Howard Mark Solomon 1977 Ph.D.

Environmental effects on growth and fin regeneration in Poeciliid fishes. Edmund John Zimmerer  1980 Ph.D.

The life history and ecology of the eastern mudminnow (Umbra pygmaea) with notes on ecological and zoogeographic relationships to the central mudminnow (Umbra limi).

Frank Michael Panek 1981 Ph.D.

Comparative embryonic methylmercury susceptibility and reproductive biology in two populations of mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus). Margarete Ann Heber 1981  M.S.

Differences in regeneration rate and response to methylmercury in fiddler crabs, Uca pugnax, from a polluted vs non-polluted environment. Patrick F. Callahan  1982  M.S.

Effects of polluted water and methylmercury on fin regeneration and swimming stamina of killifish             (Fundulus heteroclitus): A comparison of two populations. Mark S. Renna  1982  M.S.

Factors and mechanisms affecting the toxicity of methylmercury to the killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus. Swati Vaidya Toppin  1985 Ph.D.

Differences in tolerance to mercury between two populations of grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio.                    Mark L. Kraus  1986  Ph.D.

Effects of mercury on fertilization success of sperm and eggs of two populations of killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus. Abu T. Khan 1987  Ph.D.

The relative effects of tidal currents, seston, and bottom sediments on individual growth of Mercenaria mercenaria, an infaunal suspension-feeding bivalve mollusc. Raymond E. Grizzle  1988  Ph.D.

Biological versus physical control of stream fish communities: deterministic or stochastic regulation. Richard Cerri 1991, Ph.D.

Effects of mercury and naphthalene on behavior, regeneration, and molting in fiddler crabs, Uca pugnax, from polluted and unpolluted environments. Judith Grebel 1995  Ph.D.

Effects of leachates from pressure-treated wood in freshwater environments. William Romeo 1995 MS (NJIT)

Mercury teratogenesis and uptake in mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) embryos. David Alan Harpell 1996 MS (NJIT)

Population genetics of Fundulus heteroclitus in the NY/NJ estuaries. Nicolay Mugue 1996, Ph.D.

Size-structure and population of Palaemonetes pugio and interactions with Fundulus heteroclitus in two NJ estuaries. Celine Santiago 1996 MS (NJIT)

Behavioral development and neurobehavioral effects of methylmercury on larval mummichogs, Fundulus heteroclitus from polluted and reference environments. Tong Zhou 1997, Ph.D.

Growth of Palaemonetes pugio from a polluted vs clean estuary. Suruchi Bhan 1997 MS (NJIT)

Predatory behavior in mummichogs, Fundulus heteroclitus, from a polluted vs clean environment.                      Graeme Smith, 1998, Ph.D.

Effect of cadmium on prey capture ability of the grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio. Catherine Davis, 1999 MS.

Benthic Communities in Spartina alterniflora and Phragmites australis-dominated salt marshes.       Catherine E. Yuhas 2001 MS (NJIT)

Lethal and sublethal effects of the toxic dinoflagellate, Alexandrium fundyense on three species of larval fish. Jennifer C. Samson 2002, Ph.D.

Development of thyroid abnormalities in Fundulus heteroclitus from a polluted environment and the relationship of thyroid to behavioral abnormalities.     Mary Anne Carletta 2002, Ph.D.

An Analysis of epifaunal communities associated with the marsh grasses Phragmites australis and Spartina alterniflora. Tish Robertson  2004, Ph.D.

Nekton Use of Spartina alterniflora and Phragmites australis in the Hackensack Meadowlands.                   Craig A. Woolcott  2005  MS

Parasite communities and effects on the mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) physiology, anatomy and behavior. Celine Santiago Bass 2007  PhD

Behavioral ecology and population biology in populations of fiddler crabs Uca pugnax (Smith) on the New Jersey Coast. Lauren Bergey 2007 PhD

Variation among mangrove forests as fish habitat: The role of prop-root epibionts, edge effects,                and behavior in neotropical mangroves. James MacDonald 2008 Ph.D.

Behavioral ecology and population genetics in two populations of blue crab, Callinectes sapidus Rathbun, in New Jersey. Jessica Reichmuth  2009 PhD.

Responses of young-of-the year bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix to contaminants in urban estuaries. Allison Candelmo 2010 Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Associates

Tong Zhou 1997-98, Lisamarie Windham 1998-2000, Ildiko Pechmann 2007-08


On Ph.D. committees of:

Richard Graham, Dawn Hassinger, Peter Takvorian, Steven Zipko, Stephen Brown, Betty Borowsky (CUNY), Doris Bull Kraus, Joseph DePari, Joseph Kinneary, Carolyn Bentivegna, Chen Mien Chen, Gary Buchanan, Ann Schmitz, Jennifer Stauber (U. Tasmania), Sam Yu (NJIT), Margy Wintermyer, Amy Blankenship, Susan Adair, Dale Haroski Matey, Jacques Khoury (CUNY), Beth Ravit, Greg Sakowicz, Josh Stout, Frank Gallagher, Kristine Kuruiwa (CUNY), David Seebaugh (CUNY), Richard Piola (Univ. of South Wales, Australia), Louise McKenzie (Univ. of South Wales, Australia),  Julie Marentette, (McMaster University, Canada), Rebecca Shell (Montclair)


Participation in Science Outreach:

Science Fairs:

Livingston H.S. 1973-75, Summit H.S. 1979, St. Elizabeth’s College 1979, NY Academy of Sciences 1980; Chair of Biology Workshop, Women in Science Conference, Rutgers 1981; Wayne Hills H.S. 1982, Futures Unlimited 1981, 82


Outreach/Public Service:

Talks on population and resources to Zero Population Growth and to National Organization for Women, 1972.

Submitted testimony to Congress – Research Modernization Act,1981

Advisor to Essex County, and towns of Maplewood, West Orange, and Caldwell on gypsy moth control and pesticide use, 1981,82

Testified at EPA hearings on ocean dumping of acid wastes, 1982

Appeared on “Pro or Con” Cable TV Debate on use of carbaryl for gypsy moth control, 1982.

Testified at EPA hearings on water quality standards, 1983

Essex County Task Force on integrated past management,  1983

Testified at NJ hearings on Pesticide Reform Bill, 1984

Speech on Environmental Policy at National Women’s Day Celebration, East Hampton NY, 1984, 88

Member of Drinking Water Quality Institute, State of NJ 1984-87

Chair of Subcommittee on Water Testing

Testified at NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection hearings on           pesticide regulations, 1985.

NJ DEP Review Committee for Salem Nuclear Generating Station 1986

NJ DEP Review Committee for Oyster Creek Generating Station 1987

Board of Directors, Group for the South Fork  1985-

Executive Committee, NJ Chapter Sierra Club 1986-89

National Coastal Committee, Sierra Club 1989-

Testified at Corps of Engineers hearings on dredging for home          port, 1986

Testified at NY State Senate hearings on tributyltin antifouling          paints, 1987.

Testified at US Senate Appropriations Comm. Subcomm. on Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary on appropriation for NOAA, 1987

Testified at US House Merchant Marine & Fisheries Comm. Hearings on tributyltin antifouling paint, 1987

Toxics Work Group for NOAA Marine Pollution Program, 1987-88

Science & Tech. Advisory Comm. NY-NJ Harbor Estuary  1988-

Speech on “Life in the Harbor” to Accabonac Protection Comm. 1989, 90

Submitted testimony to N.J. D.E.P. on Salem Nuclear Power Plant,   1990.

Water Quality 2000 -Panel on Preserving Aquatic Ecosystems,          Water Pollution Control Federation 1991

Speech on “Pollution of the Oceans” to Warren County Convocation for Gifted and Talented Students, 1991

EPA Scientific & Technical Committee for Hudson River PCBs Site Reassessment 1991

Science Advisory Committee for Congressman Herbert Klein 1994

Submitted comments on Hackensack Meadowlands Special Area Management Plan   1995

Technical advisory committee for Passaic River watershed, NJDEP. 1998-

Advisory Committee to Liberty Science Center for exhibit on Hudson River 2003-2006

Marine Leadership Committee, World Wildlife Fund  2004-2009

NY/NJ Harbor Consortium (NY Academy of Sciences) 2003-2008

Panel on Global Warming for NJ PIRG  2009

Co-Chair, NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program Science & Tech Advisory Committee 2009-

Consultant to UNEP Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) 5  2010

UNEP meeting in Cairo Nov. 2010 to develop chapters for GEO-5

UNEP meeting in Paris March 2011 and Nov. 2011 for GEO-5

Chair, NJDEP Science Advisory Board

Sea Grant Panel on Ecosystem Services, Santa Barbara, 2011

NYC Waterfront Management Advisory Board  2018-


Miscellaneous Service to Academia and Govt.:

Evaluated promotion materials for Univ. of Oklahoma  1982

Evaluated promotion materials for Univ. of Maryland  1984

Evaluated promotion materials for St. John’s Univ.   1984

Evaluated promotion materials for Univ. of Manitoba  1984

Evaluated promotion materials for Univ. of Georgia   1989,1995,96

Evaluated promotion materials for Purdue University  1990

Evaluated promotion materials for Virginia Tech.    1996

Evaluated promotion materials for U. Southwestern LA  1997,99

Evaluated promotion materials for U. Maryland 1998

Evaluated promotion materials for U. Mississippi 1999

Evaluated promotion materials for U. Connecticut 2000

Evaluated promotion materials for Seton Hall Univ. 2000

Evaluated promotion materials for Colorado State Univ. 2000

Evaluated promotion materials for CUNY            2003

Evaluated promotion materials for Univ. of West Virginia  2006

Evaluated promotion materials for Univ. Wisconsin Milwaukee 2010

Evaluated promotion materials for Smithsonian Environmental Research Center 2008

Evaluated promotion materials for Louisiana State University, Lafayette 2012

Member, Delegation of Estuarine scientists visiting the People’s Republic of China, 1983

Member, site visit team to EPA Laboratory, Gulf Breeze FL,                                 1983

Advisor in Student Science Training Prog. Long Island U                                      1985-88

Environmental Policy Working Group -Natl. Assoc. State Univ & Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC),                                                                                                          1987, 1990

NJ Coastal Water Quality Panel,                                                                     1987

National Research Council Marine Board Committee on Ballast Water Management to prevent introduction of non-indigenous species. Produced report: “Stemming the Tide”                 1994

Advisory Board for NYU Cave Biology Research Group                                 2000-

Leader, Delegation of American Biologists visiting South Africa                     2002

Participating Scientist in Operation Wallacea                                                    2002

Technical Advisory Committee for Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Environmentally Sound Solutions (FICESS)                                                                                     2003-2004

National Research Council Water Science and Technology Board committee

on Advancing Desalination Technologies    Produced report “Desalination”     2006-2007

Chair, Science Advisory Board, NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection   2010-

NRC Report on Setting Numeric Criteria for Ballast Water – review coordinator 2011

Expert Panel on Brine Discharge into Coastal Waters for Cal. Water Board 2011-2012


Publications: Books:

Weis, J.S. and C.A. Butler 2009. Salt Marshes: A Natural and Unnatural History. Rutgers University Press

Weis, J.S. 2011. Do Fish Sleep?   Rutgers University Press

Weis, J.S. 2012. Walking Sideways: The Remarkable World of Crabs. Cornell University Press

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