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Intellectual Imperialism, Part I

Why refute when we can dismiss and derogate? This is the first of a two-part series, slightly adapted from an essay I wrote in … wait for it … 2002, for Dialogues, which was then a hard copy newsletter of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Click here, for the full post on Psychology … Read More

Why Brilliant Girls Tend to Favor Non-STEM Careers

This essay is about bias, but not the bias you think. Do girls avoid STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields because of ongoing, widespread discrimination? Or do girls with the skill sets that would give them entrance to STEM fields prefer fields that involve working with people over fields that involve working with things? Click here, for … Read More

When Is a Feminist Not a Feminist?

Feminism vs. egalitarianism This post is a guest blog by Paula Wright.  Paula is an independent researcher in evidence-based sex and gender studies grounded in evolutionary biology, psychology, anthropology, ecology. Click here, for the full post on Psychology Today

Conservative Feminism

Liberals have no monopoly on advancing women’s interests This post is by Nina Silander, a doctoral candidate of clinical psychology at Regent University who’s interests lie in trauma and substance abusetreatment, women’s issues, and public policy. Click here, for the full post on Psychology Today.

Stereotype Inaccuracy?

Extraordinary Scientific Delusions and the Blindness of Psychologists Everyone knows that stereotypes are inaccurate, especially psychologists: “However, a great deal of the thrust of stereotyping research has been to demonstrate that these behavioral expectancies are overgeneralized and inaccurate predictors of actual behavior of the target individual (Darley & Fazio, 1980, p. 870). Click here, for the … Read More