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Introducing the NJ MAT Centers of Excellence’ Integrating Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) into Office-Based Addiction Treatment: An Evidence-Based Manual for Primary Care and Specialty Practices Manual (First Edition)!

This manual will provide you with information about how to provide evidence-based care for patients with substance use disorders in the office-based setting, with a focus on OUD and alcohol use disorder, and provides recommendations for medical management. You will also find information on starting up an office-based treatment practice and integrating SUD care as part of your general medical practice. If you have any questions or comments on this manual, please contact us at the Northern NJ Mat Center of Excellence at or the Southern NJ MAT Center of Excellence at



To increase access to medication-assisted treatment and recovery support services for patients with opioid use disorders in Northern NJ.



To increase statewide capacity to provide evidence-based care for patients with substance use disorders (SUD) through:

    • Mentoring and education
    • Developing novel and innovative models of service delivery
    • Building working collaborations
    • Research and quality improvement



To end the stigma of addiction and to ensure that all people with substance use disorders have access to high quality care so they may live full and satisfied lives.