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What are you Reserving the Space For?

  • General Course Teaching:  You do not need to reserve a space if you are teaching a general course.  Your classroom and times will be pre-assigned.
  • Private Lesson Teaching: You need to contact Patty Mancuso directly to reserve semester length studio reservations.
  • Chamber Music Coachings: You need to reserve a space for Chamber Music Coachings.  See below
  • Performance or your Student’s Recital: You need to reserve a space for any Ensemble performance and your private student’s recitals.  Programs and advertisements will not be generated until there is a confirmed space.  See below

How to Reserve a Room

  1. Check Artspace to see the availability of our spaces
  2. Click the Reserve a Space button at the top left of the screen to reserve the space
  3. Once you have approval, the space will be reserved for you
  4. Pick up a temporary key from the Front Office; note that the Front Office will check that the room has been reserved prior to signing out a key.
  5. Return your key immediately after finishing with your reservation to the Front Office or the key dropbox on Kevin Viscariello’s office door in Marryott Music Building


  • Both students and faculty can reserve spaces, but performances and recitals must be reserved by the private lesson instructor.
  • Keys can only be given to the person the reservation is under.  Please do not send students to pick up your keys.
    • Only exception: students will pick up keys for their recitals
  • Students can reserve space for their recital rehearsals.  Faculty are only responsible for scheduling the recital itself.
  • Students are never given a key to Nicholas Music Center for any reason.  If you are an ensemble director and have access to NMC, you are not to give any student a key to the hall (undergraduate, graduate, or otherwise).