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Accompanying services information, procedures and guidelines
Karina Bruk, Coordinator of Accompanying Services:

There are three (3) types of accompanying services:

Staff Accompanists: pianists hired by the department
DA Accompanists: graduate pianists receiving working awards
Studio Accompanying for Credit accompanists: graduate and undergraduate pianists taking Studio Accompanying (07:701:451 or 08:703:505) as a required course for their respective degrees (the instrumentalist or vocalist’s teacher will grade the accompanist’s work)

Please refer to the specific procedures listed below. For any questions, please contact the
Coordinator of Accompanying Services, Karina Bruk at

For Faculty:

How do I submit a request?

The deadline for submission of forms was on Monday, January 30 at 4 pm.

Standard Route:  Alternating weeks based on a permanently set schedule of each student for the semester.   A faculty member should request pianists by filling out an Accompanist Request form by the deadline.  A pianist will be assigned by the Accompanying Coordinator to each student who has a regularly scheduled day/time of lesson for the semester.

Alternate Route: Independent hiring.  For all whose lessons may shift in day/time.  Staff accompanists (from the roster below) may be independently contacted by an instructor to accompany their students. A log must be filled out and signed by all parties (student, instructor, and pianist) and submitted to the Coordinator (Karina Bruk) by the end of the semester.

Accompanying Assignment Flowchart           Accompanying Log for Recitals and extra hours

Mason Gross Staff Accompanist Roster

Paul Conrad 973-738-7278

Yun Kyung (Rachel) Choo 917-670-6408

Junko Ichikawa 646-752-7868

Dmitri Korveev 917-991-9660

Justine Langman 908-797-4224

Hyewoon (Kate) Lim  732-485-3951

Giovanni Longo 617-756-3695

Enriqueta Somarriba 312- 451-1670

Sherry Kim 702-882-0227

Janet Wan-Lin Yu 347-207-7707

JaeHee Min 917-733-0368

Doug Han  415-238-0317

Carlos Avilla (203) 887-3147