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  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Drug-drug interactions between hormones and antiretrovirals
  • HIV and Infectious Diseases
  • Gender-Affirming Care

Rutgers NJMS Clinical Research Center: Research with a Heart

Selected research activities

   1. Principle Investigator or Project Director

A5366: Effects of selective estrogen receptor modulators and HDAC inhibitors on HIV. February 2018 – Present

A5374: Optimize LNG EC. An open-label, phase II pharmacokinetic study to evaluate double-dose levonorgestrel emergency contraception in combination with efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy or rifampicin-containing anti-tuberculosis therapy. August 2019 – August 2020.

A5395: Haz COVID. A randomized clinical trial testing hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in preventing hospitalization in persons with mild COVID-19. April 2020 – July 2020

CoVPN 5001: A prospective study of acute immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection. July 2020 – Present

Red Carpet Entry: A novel linkage to care approach for patients with HIV. August 2020 – Present

Assessment of factors impacting cervical cancer screening rates among urban women living with HIV/AIDS; Chart Review and Continuous Quality Improvement project March 2017 – March 2019

Healthy Divas: Gender-affirming and healthcare empowerment models to improve retention and engagement in care for transgender women living with HIV. August 2017 – August 2020

The effect of buprenorphine-based medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder on HIV-related outcomes and opioid use in persons living with HIV in an urban infectious disease practice; Chart Review and Continuous Quality Improvement project. October 2018 – October 2020

Effect of insurance status and level of education on disparities in receipt of treatment and survival for anal squamous cell carcinoma. December 2018-June 2019

Transgender and gender diverse medical care: a quality assurance and improvement project. November 2019 – Present

Evaluation of educational sessions under the thread of Health Equity and Social Justice. April 2020 – Present

Exploring associations between county-level COVID-19 mortality rates and social determinants of health and structural racism. April 2020 – June 2021

Red Carpet Entry: Understanding the implementation context and describing clinical outcomes for the Red Carpet Entry Program linking people with HIV into clinical care. November 2022 – Present

A5403 Giving Standardized Estradiol Therapy In Transgender Women to Research Interactions with HIV Therapy: the GET IT RIgHT Study. July 2023 – Present

    2. Co-investigator and Study Champion

Positive Health Check. A tablet-based tool delivering tailored evidence-based prevention messages to patient living with HIV

     3. Co-investigator

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Clinical Research Center

HVTN 704/HPTN 085: A phase 2B study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of VRC01 broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody in reducing acquisition of HIV-1 infection among men and transgender persons who have sex with men

HPTN 083: Multi-site, double-blind, two-arm, randomized, controlled trial of the efficacy of long-acting cabotegravir (CAB LA) compared to daily oral tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)/emtricitabine (FTC) for HIV prevention

2UM1AI069419 Weill Cornell Medical College-New Jersey Medical School AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) through NIH-NIAID funding:

A5332: Randomized trial to prevent vascular events in HIV – REPRIEVE

A5333s: Effects of pitavastatin on coronary artery disease and inflammatory biomarkers: mechanistic substudy of REPRIEVE

WOW: Women’s outreach worker to increase enrolment of women in ACTG studies

A5354: Antiretroviral treatment initiated during acute HIV-1 infection on measures of HIV-1 persistence and on HIV-1-specific immune responses

A5377: A phase-1, first-in-human, ascending dose study of SAR441236, a tri-specific broadly neutralizing antibody against HIV-1.

A5357: LATITUDE: CAB-LA + VRC01LS for viral suppression in adults living with HIV-1.