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Undergraduate Student in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Rutgers University 

Summer Crew/Intern Leader & Assistant Land Manager, Hutcheson Memorial Forest

Environmental Geomatics Certificate Program

Study Focus: invasive species management, understory restoration, environmental geomatics, ecological history

I am just a simple undergraduate student still bumbling my way through my bachelor’s degree. The strange world of academia that I have somehow found myself surrounded by frightens and confuses me. In spite of these fears, I am currently doing research which focuses on investigating how the understory vegetation at Hutcheson Memorial Forest has been affected by invasive species. My goal is to develop better strategies for combating invasive species encroachment with hopes of someday restoring the previously dominant native shrubs back to their former glory. Other than that you will probably find me assisting the other members of the lab with their field work, or helping out at Hutcheson Memorial Forest.